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New Water Utility Routes and Cycles May Change Bills and Due Dates

Post Date:09/08/2017 11:08 AM

Utility Customer Service (UCS) reads each water meter monthly to determine your water utility bill for the month. Over the last several years, Carrollton has grown in specific areas of the City creating an imbalance to the number of meters being read daily. This imbalance creates multiple issues for staff. UCS has partnered with RouteSmart Technologies to reroute the water utility meters to create a more efficient and effective set of cycles and routes. These new cycles and routes could potentially move customers’ bill and due dates; however, no customer will be moved more than three (3) cycles forward or backwards to accomplish our task.

To see if your water utility account has been affected by the new cycles and routes, you will need to look at your October 2017 statement and compare it to your November 2017 statement when they arrive.  In the upper right hand section, you will see a Cycle and Route listed for your service. If both statements are the same, your account was not affected.  If they are different, your account was moved to a new cycle and route, and your bill and due date will change slightly.

Should you have any questions regarding this change, email

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