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Carrollton Develops Stimulus Program

Carrollton Develops Stimulus Program to Help Local Residents

Post Date:04/07/2009

Carrollton, Texas – Spearheaded by City Manager Leonard Martin, the City of Carrollton plans to launch its own hometown stimulus program. The focus of the program will be to help people find jobs, both at the City of Carrollton and elsewhere. As part of the new program, Carrollton will be sponsoring a free job fair, networking with potential local companies who might have compensated jobs available for job seekers, and identifying short-term sustainable work projects within the City.

“Our goal is to respond to this economic crisis by developing a Carrollton Stimulus Program that will directly benefit our citizens,” said Martin. “We want to find ways to locally reach out and help some people get through this situation until they can get back to working in their desired career field. The jobs may be temporary but people will be productive, feel better about themselves, and bring home a little money while they seek permanent employment.”

Carrollton Mayor Ronald F. Branson commented, “Municipalities such as Carrollton have limitations on how and how much we can do to help out our residents when times get difficult. Leonard Martin’s proposal is an excellent way to lend a hand up while at the same time benefiting our Citizens and our City with needed improvements that might otherwise be pushed to the back burner. Thinking outside of the box is not a problem that we have in Carrollton.”

The City’s Workforce Services department will organize a local job fair that will be free for employers and job seekers to attend. Details of the job fair will be finalized within the next month, but the City will be updating a Job Hunting Resources website in the meantime. Job seekers can visit the Job Hunting Resources for helpful job search resources, classified ads and career information. The site will be updated to assist job seekers in preparing resumes, interviewing and finding employment.

“Unemployment not only takes an often devastating toll on the finances of individuals and families, it wreaks havoc with the idled workers emotionally. Searching days on end for jobs when there are few to be had can destroy self confidence, induce depression, and cause family strife,” said Erin Rinehart, Director of Workforce Services. “We hope to ease some of that strife with the help of our Job Hunting Resources website.”

As part of the Carrollton Stimulus Program, the City will also create a Carrollton Works Progress Program. Inspired by the original Works Progress Administration (WPA), created as a relief measure in 1935 by executive order, the Carrollton Works Progress Program would serve to temporarily employ workers on short-term work projects within the City of Carrollton.

“We successfully run a lean operation, but this means we have projects and needs that we never seem to be able to work on due to lack of staff. This program will allow us to move future projects forward while helping the economy,” said Martin.

Details of the program have yet to be finalized, but projects might include graffiti abatement, data entry, filing, painting, and landscaping services assistance. The City is currently working to prioritize ideas and identify available funds.

“Perhaps as important as bringing home a small paycheck from a temporary job while looking for a permanent job is the psychological boost a person gets by just being productive once again as they were before the lay-off. Self-esteem is all important to good mental health and relationships,” continues Martin.

For more information on job networking resources, click here or if you are interested in City of Carrollton job opportunities, visit the City’s website.


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