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New Real Estate Sign Regulations

Enforcement of Ordinance #3298

Post Date:06/10/2009

On May 19, 2009 the Carrollton City Council adopted Ordinance #3298, which amends the Carrollton Sign Regulations for real estate signs, effective immediately.

Please consider this as an official notice that all real estate signs without permits and real estate signs with expired permits will need to be brought into compliance with the new regulations listed below. 

  •  Permit required 
        o Fee $100
  • Maximum height 
        o Lots greater than 2 acres or zoned LI, 12 feet 
        o Lots less than 2 acres, 8 feet 
  •  Maximum sign area 
        o Lots greater than 2 acres or zoned LI, 32 sq. feet 
        o Lots less than 2 acres, 16 sq. feet
  • Setback 
        o 25 feet from back of curb or from edge of street pavement and shall comply with Visibility Ordinance
  • Maximum number 
        o One per address 
      • Exception: lots over 3 acres, one per street frontage
  • Duration 
        o 12 months
      • Exception: real estate signs are renewable annually until 80% of building space has been leased or sold
  • Placement 
        o Sign orientation shall be parallel to street or must be double-faced if perpendicular to street 
        o Sign shall be separated a minimum of 50 feet from any other permanent or temporary signs
  • Signs prohibited 
        o V-shaped signs
  • A decal or other device issued by Building Inspection showing permit expiration date shall be clearly displayed on the front of the sign.

View Ordinance #3298, and if needed, a sign permit application is located under application forms. If I may answer any questions on this issue, please contact me at 972-466-3238.


Gary Heubach
Inspection Services Manager

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