Animal Adoptions

Adoption Fees
Boy holding a black puppy, both sitting in grass
Adoption Fee $10
City License (residents only) $5
Total $15





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All animals adopted from the Carrollton Animal Services and Adoption Center must receive a rabies vaccination and be spayed or neutered. If your new pet is not currently vaccinated or altered, You will sign a contract agreeing to have both procedures complete within 30 days from the date of the adoption.  If your new pet is under the age of 4 months, we will estimate the time until your pet reaches the age of 4 months and add 30 days. The fees associated with the vaccination and spay or neuter will be paid by the adopter to the veterinarian. 

Failure to comply with the adoption requirements may result in citation being issued to the adopter.  Each citation carries a maximum fine of $2,000.

The Animal Adoption Center does not guarantee the health of any animal adopted. Any and all medical cost incurred by an adopted animal will be the adopters sole responsibility.

Adoption Procedures 

  1. Pick out an animal.
  2. Process all necessary forms.
  3. If necessary, agree to sign a contract to perform the spay/neuter procedure and receive a rabies vaccination.
  4. If the animal is too young for the procedure, you must sign a contract stating that the procedure will be done by a provided deadline. 
  5. You will be taking your new pet home with you on the date of the adoption!

The Animal Adoption Center holds most stray animals for 5 days to allow time for an owner to reclaim his/her pet. Adoptions are completed on a first come first serve basis unless more then one person is present at the same time to adopt a pet.  In this case a numbered ticket will be distributed to each perspective adopter and a drawing will occur.  The first ticket drawn will be provided the first the opportunity to adopt. We will not reserve an animal under any circumstances.

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