N.O.T.I.C.E. Program


Reinvesting in Carrollton... One neighborhood at a time!

Program Overview

In 2003, the city launched a new initiative to better coordinate the delivery of neighborhood infrastructure projects and code enforcement services to the areas of greatest need in the community. This city N.O.T.I.C.E. Program represents a targeted infrastructure reinvestment and neighborhood integrity program. The N.O.T.I.C.E. Program targets financial resources for the design and implementation of necessary street, alley, sidewalk and water and sewer line projects in one neighborhood at a time until the entire public infrastructure in that area has been repaired or reconstructed. In addition, the city conducts targeted and strengthened code enforcement efforts in the same neighborhood to foster a sense of neighborhood pride and an overall healthier community. For more information, please Contact Us.

N.O.T.I.C.E. Award

NOTICE-NUSAThe city of Carrollton’s NOTICE program (Neighborhood-Oriented Targeted Infrastructure and Code Enforcement) was awarded third place in the Neighborhoods USA 2007 Best Neighborhood Program of the Year Award under the category of physical revitalization/beautification.

Neighborhoods USA is a national, non-profit organization committed to building partnerships between neighborhood organizations, government and the private sector.

Selection of award winners was based on each project's innovation, commitment to sustainability, use of community resources, partnership building, and the potential for the project to be replicated in other communities.

Effective Tool for Revitalizing Carrollton Neighborhoods
The NOTICE program sustains the value of older neighborhoods through the coupling of public funds to refresh neighborhood infrastructure with an assertive program of code enforcement.

It’s an important tool for implementing the City Council's strategic goals of vibrant neighborhoods and a sustainable future, and a culture committed to maintaining a high quality of life in our community.

Many infrastructure improvements have been accomplished by this program in a relatively short period of time. Highlights to date:

  • $27.1 million invested in NOTICE neighborhoods
  • Nearly 59 miles of utility lines, sidewalks, streets and alleys repaired or replaced
  • Overall observed code violations reduced by 45% in NOTICE repaired or replaced
  • Property values have increased at a higher rate in completed NOTICE neighborhoods than in surrounding, non-NOTICE neighborhoods
  • 4 neighborhoods have been completed (Park Terrace is considered complete after the recent mill and overlay), one is under construction (Francis Perry Estates) and one is under design (Park Place)

NOTICE Neighborhoods




Public Notice: Proposed Hill 'N Dale Infrastructure Project

Final Notice and Public Explanation of a Proposed Action in a 100-Year Floodplain

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Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds 

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