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Support Carrollton merchants and businessesThe City recently unveiled the Shop Carrollton Campaign. A strong local economy and high quality of life within the City of Carrollton are largely dependent upon the community’s preference to do their shopping within the City. The goal of the Shop Carrollton Campaign is to encourage residents to shop in the City of Carrollton, where 100 percent of the City-derived sales tax stays, providing services to Carrollton residents and businesses.

Sales tax is a primary source of revenue for the City of Carrollton, with 30 percent of the City’s General Fund coming from sales tax monies. When purchases are made within the City’s boundaries and sales tax is applied, the City receives one percent of the taxable sale. Sales tax revenue is essential for funding programs and services such as libraries and public safety.

Every cent of every dollar of City sales tax money is spent on programs and work efforts for the residents of Carrollton.

Just remember the next time you go shopping or take the family out to dinner, be sure to support our City businesses, which in turn support our local community.


  1. Educate City residents about where the City’s boundaries are located so they will know if they are shopping within the City.
  2. Encourage residents to shop within the City boundaries and tell them why it is important that they do this.
  3. Target those who are working in the City but may live outside the City in an effort to capture these sales tax dollars.
  4. Provide examples of what the City of Carrollton has been able to accomplish with sales tax revenue as a result of local purchases.

As the first phase of the Shop Carrollton Campaign, a partial series of streetscape banners have been placed in strategic intersections throughout the City until mid-May, and scheduled again in October and November just before the holiday season. Streetscape banners will serve as reminders to residents while commuting to shop within City boundaries, and in an effort to capture sales tax dollars, target those who work in Carrollton but live outside City limits. In addition, the banners and other campaign goals will provide examples of City accomplishments due to local purchases.

The campaign also includes public education, in-store promotion and Web site promotion.