Carrollton Farmers Market

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Farmers Market Vendors Approved in the City of Carrollton






AMY'S CHOCOLATE chocolate truffles, hot chocolate, bars 11/13/2018
AUSTINUTS WHOLESALE, INC nuts,seeds, dried fruits, snack mixes, trail mixes 3/13/2018
BONNIE JEAN'S PRESERVES & BREAD preserves, bread 5/15/2018
BOULANGERIE A PARIS breads, sweet breads, croissants, scones 2/13/2018
BRAZILIAN CHEF, LLC frozen bread


BREW SKIES ABOVE TEXAS kombucha cold brew coffee 5/08/2018
C & J FARMS seasoning blends,infused raw honey 8/28/2018
CURRY IN A HURRY chicken curry 6/19/2018
DESERT CREEK HONEY honey 5/29/2018
DESIGNS BY DIANA canned goods, pickles, salsa, relish, jams and jellies 12/31/2017
FAVORITE SISTER BAKERY baked goods 6/12/2018
FRENCHIES FABULOUS NUT CO. gourmet nuts   2/20/2018
GILBERT-PRUETT FAMILY FARMS fresh fruits and vegetables 4/25/2018
GOOD SPICE GOURMET FOODS seasonings, packaged gourmet flavored nuts 5/08/2018
GOURMET ROASTED NUTS roasted nuts 8/21/2018
HESSE FARM PASTURE RAISED CHICKEN EGGS  pasture raised chicken eggs 2/20/2018 
HEYMANN'S DRUNKEN COW JERKY, LLC beef jerky, pet jerky, spice bottle (rub) 5/01/2018
KINSEY CATTLE CO. grass fed beef 3/7/2018
LA CASITA tacos 8/28/2018
LAKE LAVON ORGANICS jam, baked goods, candy 12/31/2017
MAMITAS LLC burritos, quesadillas, tacos, tortas, rice bowls, drinks 7/24/2018
MILENA'S BAKERY pastries 12/31/2017
MUSCOVADO BAKERY LLC sweet and savory breads, cakes, bakery items 10/23/2018
NETWORK DREAMER / ONE DAY BAKERY bread and baklava 6/06/2018
OLIVE TRUNK FARMS microgreens, herbs, produce, pesto, hummus 10/23/2018
POP'S KETTLECORN kettlecorn, fresh squeezed lemonade 3/27/2018
RUSTICA'S HOME BAKERY baked goods - sweet empanadas, quick breads, cakes, cookies, pastries 12/31/2017
SID'S TROPICAL WATERS fruit flavored water 2/05/2018
STUBBLEFIELD PRODUCE produce 12/31/2017
SWEET COURSE DESSERTS cupcakes, cookies, pound cake kim.n.brooks@gmail 10/23/2018
SWEET ICE corn, mangonadas, snow cones, drinks 8/7/2018
SWEET TOOTH SWEETS & SUCH bread (banana & pumpkin), cookies, cupcakes, & scones 11/6/2018
SWEET VIRGINIA'S TOFFEE pre-packaged toffee and toffee covered popcorn   12/31/2017
TAMALES OVER TEXAS (Concession) tamales, salsa & drinks 12/31/2017
TEKENO SNACKS hand-made cheese sticks 9/11/2018
TEXAS TRIANGLE GROVE hot sauce, salsa, company branded t-shirts & hats 12/31/2017
THE AMAZING DIP CO., LLC cheese dip & crackers 6/08/2018
THE GODS FOODS LLC olive oil, olives, salts, sauce 6/12/2018
THE JAR BAR DFW cupcake jars  9/11/2018
THE RIGHT CHOICE (Concession) hot dogs, tacos, drinks 12/31/2017
WARNE BEE FARM / AP'S APAIRIES honey, bee pollen, beeswax candles, honey soap,honey candy, honey straws and dippers  12/31/2017
WOLFE PEN CREEK FARMSTEAD CHEESE cheese, dairy, yogurt, cream pies, granola, nuts 12/31/2017