Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities


 Is your church or organization looking for a way to help the community or the environment?  Volunteer to either pick-up litter from Carrollton’s city parks and waterways or place storm drain markers on storm drain inlets.  Both activities are community service projects that are great team building exercises and educational activities.  For more information on either project, please call 972-466-3063.


  Storm Drain Marking Program                                                                 

Help protect your waterways by volunteering to place storm drain markers on storm drain inlets throughout the city.  Storm drain markers help the city educate businesses, residents and visitors that only rain is allowed in the storm drain.  

       This drain for rain                           Storm drain marking


  Waterway Clean-up

 Creek clean-up projects will help beautify our community while removing unwanted litter from our creeks and parks. The city will provide individuals or groups with all the necessary equipment to remove litter.    

                                                                  Creek Cleanup Volunteers                                                                             

                                              Newman Smith Trojan Baseball Team 
                      Smith Trojan Baseball Community clean up



Boys Scouts Eagle project  Boys Scout Eagle project    Trash bags         


                                                BeautiControl helping the community clean-up 

 Trash bags 2    Beauticontrol helping the community