Fire Chief John Murphy

The Carrollton Fire Rescue administrative staff is committed to providing exemplary service to the citizens of Carrollton and to the individuals who provide fire protection services to the community. Each member of the administrative staff can be reached at 972-466-3070 for questions or comments or you can email fire administration.

Chief John Murphy is responsible for the overall leadership of Carrollton Fire Rescue. He coordinates the activities of the department with other city departments and external agencies to ensure effective and efficient emergency and non-emergency services to our citizen and visitors.

Assistant Chief Gregg Salmi is responsible for coordinating the functions of the Operations Division of the Fire Department to ensure the highest quality of service to our citizens.

Assistant Chief Mark Haseloff oversees the Support Services Division, which encompass the following three sections: Emergency Medical Services, Personnel/Training, and Prevention/Emergency Management. Additional areas of responsibility in the Support Service Division include the Fire Marshal’s Office, Firefighter Safety, Firefighter Health and Wellness, Data Management and all Administrative Support. The main focus of the Support Service Division is to support the delivery of emergency and non-emergency services to Carrollton citizens.

Battalion Chief Chris Cothes (A shift), Battalion Chief Ricky Vaughan(B shift), and Battalion Chief Debbie Carpenter (C shift) Coordinate shift activities including personnel scheduling, training, business inspections, facility and vehicle maintenance needs along with other daily activities. This position serves as the Incident Commander for all multi-company emergency incidents coordinating the efforts and resources to ensure safe and rapid mitigation of the situation.

Battalion Chief / Fire Marshal Scott Tittle is responsible for management of the Fire Prevention Division/Emergency Management. Responsibilities include coordinating fire investigations, fire prevention inspections, data management, fire safety education programs and Emergency Management activities.

Battalion Chief Brian Dickerson is assigned as the Training Officer overseeing fire suppression and rescue training. Additional responsibilities include the Fitness/Wellness program that focuses on sustaining a healthy team of emergency responders and CPR safety programs.

Battalion Chief Steve Heath is responsible for Administrative Services. This includes coordinating the administrative functions.  Our Emergency Medical Services mission, the Personnel functions of the Fire Department and oversees EMS (Paramedic and EMT) training programs. 

Emergency Medical Services Receive National Reaccreditation

The Carrollton Fire Resce Emergency Medical Services is currently undergoing its third reaccreditation by the independent Commission on Ambulance Accreditation Services (CAAS). In 1996 Carrollton was the first fire service EMS system in the United States to achieve this national accreditation. The honor signifies that Carrollton meets the "gold standard" set by CAAS for modern emergency medical services providers and provides quality patient care to the community.

"Achievement of this reaccreditation is a great honor for those of you who worked on the reaccreditation process as well as all other members of the Fire Department team. Teamwork both among those who work EMS duty and those who provide strong support is what make the Carrollton Fire Team premier. Reaccreditation is an endorsement of quality EMS service provided to our community. Congratulations to all of you for your contributions to sustaining the quality of life in Carrollton. It is an honor to work with you."

Leonard Martin, City Manager

For information contact CAAS Accreditation Coordinator, at 972-466-3393 or visit the CAAS Web site.