Code of Conduct


Welcome to the Carrollton Public Library. We invite you to enjoy your visit to the Library and to respect its use by others. Each visitor to the Library has both a right to a secure environment and a responsibility to avoid any behavior which may unreasonably interfere with the rights of other users.

While visiting the Carrollton Public Library you are expected to refrain from:

  • Noisy or disruptive behavior
  • Threatening, offensive or abusive language and behavior
  • Harassment of employees or customers
  • Misuse or defacement of library facility or materials
  • Loud use of electronic devices which can be heard by others
  • Visiting while intoxicated
  • Sleeping
  • Use of tobacco
  • Bare feet, skates, skateboards or scooters
  • Soliciting, selling or distributing materials
  • Bringing animals other than those accompanying the physically challenged
  • Violating the Carrollton Public Library Parent-Child Policy
  • Violating any state, federal or local law
  • Violating the City of Carrollton Guidelines for Filming

The Library reserves the right to request patrons to open any bags, purses, or packages for inspection when the anti-theft system is triggered.

Library employees are authorized to enforce these rules. The Library reserves the right to revoke or restrict library privileges of any user for conduct contrary to these rules.