Study Room Policy

  1. Study Rooms may be reserved in advance.
  2. Individuals requesting a room reservation must be at least eight years of age and possess a valid Carrollton Public Library card.
    (Valid: current, no fees greater than $10.00)
  3. Rooms may be reserved 24 hours in advance. (by phone at 972-466-4800 or in person only)
  4. Rooms may be reserved up to 4 hours per day.
  5. Rooms may be reserved for one 4-hour block of time per day.
  6. Place reservations at the Information Desk in the adult area of the library.
  7. A reserved Study Room not occupied within 15 minutes of the reserved time will be considered canceled and available for use by other individuals.
  8. Any Study Room left unattended for more than 15 minutes will be considered vacant and available for use by others.
  9. Items left unattended will be considered lost and placed in the library’s Lost and Found.
  10. Light snacks and drinks in covered containers are welcome.
  11. Individuals failing to appear at the library in order to occupy a reserved Study Room (“no shows”) may result in loss of the individual’s privilege to reserve a room in the future.
  12. The adult reserving the Study Room (or, if a child has reserved the room, the adult who has signed for the child’s library card) is responsible for any damages incurred during use of the room.
Study Rooms must be reserved with a valid Carrollton library card
Josey Ranch Lake location Hebron & Josey location
Room 1 Capacity 1-4 Room 1 Capacity 1-6
Room 2 Capacity 1-4 Room 2 Capacity 1-4
Room 3 Capacity 1-4 Room 3 Capacity 1-4
Room 4 Capacity 1-4 Room 4 Capacity 1-4
Room 5 Capacity 1-8 Room 5 Capacity 1-4
    Room 6 Capacity 1-4
    Room 7 Capacity 1-4