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Carrollton Leadership Academy | Business Writing Skills | Effective Interpersonal Communication | Ethical Behavior | How to Conduct Effective Meetings | Leadership in the Public Sector | Role of Government in Public Trust | Workplace Norms/Etiquette

These resources support the City of Carrollton's Supervisors' Training Curriculum and Carrollton Leadership Academy. Items in the Municipal Resource Collection are for non-exclusive use by City employees. These materials are designed to complement and enhance training course materials.

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Carrollton Leadership Academy

Martin, Roger. "How Successful Leaders Think".

Business Writing Skills

Sims, Brenda. "Electronic Mail in Two Corporate Workplaces". Electronic literacies in the workplace : technologies of writing. Eds. Patricia Sullivan and Jennie Dautermann. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 1996.

Legeros, Michael J. "Etiquette and Email: Rules for Online Behavior". Intercom. vol. 42.6 (1995): p. 10-11.

Effective Interpersonal Communication

Smart, Karl L. and Richard Featheringham. "Developing Effective Interpersonal Communication and Discussion Skills".

Ethical Behavior

Hanbury, George. "A "Pracademic’s" Perspective of Ethics and Honor: Imperatives for Public Service in the 21st Century".

Keller, Elizabeth and Jan Perkins. "Ethics: Alive and Well".

How to Conduct Effective Meetings

Klein, Jeffrey. "The Art of the Meaningful Meeting".

"How to make Meetings more Effective".

Leadership in the Public Sector - Leading Teams

Dulebohn, James H. "Tools for Team Leadership: Delivering the X-Factor in Team Excellence".

Role of Government in Public Trust

Rahn, Wendy M. and Thomas J. Rudolph. "A Tale of Political Trust in American Cities".

Ulbig, Stacey G. "Policies, Procedures, and People: Sources of Support for Government?"

Workplace Norms/Etiquette

Colter, Carolee. "Create a Positive Culture in the Workplace".

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