Teen Library Advisory Group


League of Extraordinary Teens


We at the Carrollton Public Library feel that you, the Library’s teen users, are an important group of people. The Library’s role in the community is changing; it is becoming more and more apparent that teens’ use of the library is also changing. The Library is no longer a quiet place where you just study or pick up books for research. It is now a meeting place, a hangout with study rooms and free Internet access.

The Library needs to become a place where you can go because you know your presence is welcome. By offering books and programs that appeal to teens, by creating an atmosphere that fits their wants and needs, the Library can become this kind of place.

We moved one step closer to this goal by forming a group to work with staff to create a teen-friendly Library.


  • Works with staff to create and implement fun and innovative programs. By sharing your ideas, you can even help us make YOUR program happen at the library!
  • Joins forces with staff to develop an up-to-date Teen collection filled with books to feed the brain and fuel the spirit. If there is a book, an author, or a series that you absolutely love that the library doesn’t own, this is the perfect way to let us know.
  • Keeps staff posted on popular issues and trends to keep the collection and programs current and appealing to teens. Tell us what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s buzzing at your school?


At the Carrollton Public Library at Josey Ranch Lake—1700 Keller Springs Road (map).


The last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.


You! Anyone between the ages of 13-18 can join. You don’t need a Library card to join, but we’d love it if you had one!


Come to one of our monthly meetings! Don’t forget to bring a friend...or two...or three!