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Tired of the same old boring workout routine? The City of Carrollton’s very own personal trainers have collaborated to bring you new and invigorating exercises and workout routines. It is important to make sure you are switching up your routine and working out every muscle possible.

Tips from our Fitness Instructors


Gail Marshall has worked with the City of Carrollton since 1986 and has provided Get Fit! with tips and advice for working out and staying fit. Click on the link above to learn more about Gail and discover ways to reach your goals.

Mike Tufariello teaches Carrollton's own Tuff Time Boxing that takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays at Crosby Recreation Center. Mike has brought many fighters to the Texas Golden Gloves and is ready to share his expertise and advice with you today.

Tom Noune is a personal trainer here at the City of Carrollton. Tom works with clients at Crosby and Rosemeade Recreation Center, as well as the Senior Center. Tom has more than 20 years of experience under his belt and a personal trainer specialist certification that he uses to train and guide those who are looking to Get Fit!

Emeka Nnabuaku is a personal trainer for the City of Carrollton's Crosby Recreation Center. He also teaches the Project 8 Fitness class on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Crosby Recreation Center as well. He is an expert in fighting techniques such as jiu muay thai, and much more. Emeka is dedicated to a lifestyle of fitness and wellness and is happy to share information with the Get Fit! community.

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Helpful Links


WebMD "Fitness 101"
Before you visit the gym it is important to make sure you understand where you stand with your personal fitness level and to make sure you know what you are doing in the gym. WebMD provides an important article about getting started before you go to the gym and educating people about fitness and exercise.

Muscle & Strength
So you want to go to the gym but you don't know what to do once you get there? Muscle & Strength provides workout routines and nutrition tips for all levels of fitness. Muscle & Strength gives great advice and routines for all levels of fitness; from beginner to veteran.

Full Fitness
Full Fitness will lead you in the right direction when you are looking for a new routine to use in the gym. By categorizing their routines by body part, training level, and exercise type they provide a simple way to get the results you want.

If you are looking for some new recipes that you can make at home then you have come to the right place.Get Fit! Carrollton has provided websites and smart phone applications that you can access anytime and find recipes that are appealing to you and your family. Proper diet is an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle, and eating at home is a great way to stay on track.


Taste of Home
Taste of Home provides a vast variety of healthy recipes and cooking tips that will help you bring a little flare and style to your kitchen at home. These recipes will help you produce meals that not only taste great and look great but are also great for you!

Big Oven
Big Oven brings you over 250,000 different recipes that are easy to make at home. Big Oven brings a unique tool for you to use that lets you input left over ingredients or groceries you may have lying around the house and shows you what recipes you can make for you and your family at home. Dive right in and make a healthy recipe tonight!

Health not only provides you with delectable health conscious recipes but also gives you great workout tips, fashion styles, and great health suggestions to get you started and keep you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. Health is a great asset in any diet and exercise regime.

Eating Well
Eating Well gives you recipes that are easy to make and easy on your body. If you do not like reading along with the recipe they also provide you with video recipes to follow. Eating Well also updates you with the latest news on food and diets as well.

Self does it all. This website provides you with health, food, workout, and fashion tips all at the same place. Self is known for their magazine but they also provide the same information on their website as they do in their magazine. Make sure to check out the recipe section of their website for food that will delight your taste buds.

Emeka Nnabuaku's Favorite Recipes
One of Carrollton's own personal trainers has given one of his favorite recipes with Get Fit! to share with the Get Fit! community. This recipe is a meal for those who are looking for more protein in their diet without sacrificing taste.