Gail Marshall


Gail has been teaching a variety of fitness courses since 1986 at both Rosemeade and Crosby Recreation Centers. She became a Fitness Professional full time in 1986 and is owner and founder of The Fitness Foundation. She received training on multiple levels for sale of physical therapy equipment software and certifications in areas of Respiratory Fitness and Kinesiology. Gail is available for speaking engagements and has been a guest speaker at fitness conventions and Brookhaven College. She has also provided private classes for corporations.

Classes are for the beginner or someone who has been exercising for years. Gail offers a combination of many different types of exercise and concentrates not only on cardio benefits but good toning and firming as well as great stretching exercises during cool down. Very easy to follow as there are no dance steps, just lots of movement with high repetitions and good music to keep you motivated. Good for any age or experience level.

Gail has provided Get Fit! Carrollton with some advice and tips to further enhance your workout experience below:

Fitness fact 1 - Warm up before you stretch. Everyone sees people stretching before they run or work out. The fact is that your muscles are cold before you do anything and doing something to get your heart rate up for just a couple of minutes will get the blood flowing to the muscles and you will get a better and safer stretch.

Fitness fact 2 - Want to get the most out of your cardio workout (run, treadmill, etc.)? If your goal is to burn fat do your cardio in the morning. 30% more fat is burned when you do cardio before 9AM. If work out in the evening (that would usually be after 5PM but actually it starts at 3PM), you will burn more calories.

Fitness Fact 3 - Every time simple carbs, (sugars, sweets, breads, etc.) are consumed, it slows down the fat burning process. This is because your body detects the incoming carbs and the body stops burning stored fat for energy and focuses on what you have ingested instead thus leaving the fat stores intact.

Fitness Fact 4 - You can be overfat even if you are not overweight!!

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