Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda


Planning & Zoning Commission
October 6, 2016 

CITY HALL, 1945 E. Jackson Road

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 The complete Planning and Zoning Packet can be found here.

DINNER AND BRIEFING SESSION: 5:45 PM: The dinner and briefing session is held in the City Council Briefing Room, behind the City Council Chambers. No public testimony will be allowed at the briefing.



1. MINUTES: Approval of the minutes of the September 1, 2016 meeting.


2. Consider And Act On A Replat Of Hebron Heights, For An Approximately 8.2 Acres Tract Located On The Northwest Corner of W. Hebron Parkway and Old Denton Road Further Subdividing A Single Lot Into Two Lots. Case No. 09-16RP4 Hebron Heights. Case Coordinator: Christopher Bohen.

3. Consider And Act On A Replat Of Carrollton Baptist Addition, Part 2, For An Approximately 3.79 Acre Tract Located Along The South Side Of Hebron Parkway Approximately 125’ West Of Furneaux Lane. Case No. 10-16RP1 North Carrollton Baptist Church. Case Coordinator: Christopher Bohen.


4. Consider And Act On A Final Plat For The Shops At Prestonwood, Phase 2B For An Approximately 13.65-Acre Tract Located On The Northwest Corner Of Lindale Drive And Marsh Lane.  Case No. 10-16FP1 Shops At Prestonwood, Phase 2B.  Case Coordinator: Loren Shapiro.


5. Public Hearing To Consider And Act On A Replat Of Carrollton Heights, For An Approximately 0.969 Acre Tract Located On The Southeast Corner Of Erie Street And Walnut Avenue Combining Three Lots And Creating Two Lots.  Case No. 10-16RP2 Erie Walnut Addition. Case Coordinator: Christopher Bohen.

6. Public Hearing To Consider And Act On A Replat Of New Carrollton Addition, Part 3, For An Approximately 2.3 Acre Tract Located In The Vicinity Of The Southwest Corner Of Cotton Street And N. Jackson Street. Case No. 10-16RP3 New Carrollton Addition, Part 3. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.

7. Public Hearing To Consider And Act On A Replat Of Austin Waters, Phase 2, For An Approximately 15.8-Acre Tract Located On The East Side Of Steinbeck Street Between Shakespeare Street And Longwood Drive. Case No. 10-16RP4 Austin Waters, Phase 2. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.

8. Public Hearing To Consider And Act On An Ordinance To Amend The Zoning On An Approximately 0.95 Acre Tract Zoned PD-45 For The (O-2) Office District And Located Approximately 230 Feet West Of Old Denton Road To Amend Planned Development District 45 To Allow For Retail Uses; Amending The Official Zoning Map Accordingly. Case No. 10-16Z2 Buga Restaurant & Retail. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.

9. Public Hearing To Consider And Act On An Ordinance To Amend The Zoning And Establish A Special Use Permit For A Private School On An Approximately 5.8 Acres Tract Zoned Light Industrial And Located On The Northeast Corner Of Crowley Drive And Carter Drive; Amending The Official Zoning Map Accordingly. Case No. 10-16SUP1 Wisdom Academy. Case Coordinator: Christopher Bohen.


  1. Staff reports

    10-16MD1 Semi-Annual Impact Fee

  2. City Council action


 VISITORS’ COMMENTS: Hearing of any citizen/visitor on items not listed on the regular agenda: Pursuant to State Open Meetings Law, the Planning and Zoning Commission is restricted in discussing or taking action on items not posted on the agenda. Action on the issue can only be taken at a future meeting.

The Planning & Zoning Commission holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Special meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month as needed. If a meeting date is canceled or postponed, notice will be posted at City Hall. The Planning & Zoning Commission follows the printed agenda.

On zoning cases, the Planning & Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council. The Commission's recommendation will be scheduled for City Council action approximately four (4) weeks after the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. On final plats, replats, preliminary plats, reapprovals of plats and certain miscellaneous development applications, action of the Planning & Zoning Commission is final. Please contact the Planning Department at 972-466-3040, via e-mail or visit our website if you have questions or need additional information regarding any agenda item.

This building is wheelchair accessible. For accommodations or signed interpretive services, please contact the City Secretary's office 48 hours in advance of this meeting at 972-466-3021.