Proposed Zoning Changes

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East side of IH 35E, south of Crosby Rd. Enterprise Rent a Car  Car rental in freeway district  SUP   10-17SUP1 Michael McCauley  11/07/17
West side of IH 35E, north of Valwood Pkwy Bestolife  Compound manufacturing, distribution & storage for the petroleum industry  SUP  10-17SUP2  Michael McCauley   11/07/17
South side of Trinity Mills Rd, west of Dickerson  Texas Auto Kare Requesting extension of existing SUP   SUP 10-17SUP3  Molly J. Coryell  11/07/17
Northwest corner of Josey & Parker Josey & Parker   Zoning addition to newly annexed land  Zoning  10-17Z1 Loren Shapiro  11/07/17
East side of Marsh, north of Keller Springs Marsh Lane Townhomes  Allow townhomes in place of industrial uses  Zoning   07-17Z1  Michael McCauley  10/10/17
East side of Marsh, north of Keller Springs Marsh Lane Townhomes   Change in Comprehensive Plan  Comp Plan Change  07-17MD1    Michael McCauley 10/10/17 
North west corner of Rosemeade & Josey 7-11 Remodel of store to include 2 new pumps and new canopy SUP  09-17SUP1  Michael McCauley  10/10/17
South of Sandy Lake Rd. west of IH-35E, on Simmons Western Extrusions Addition of 50,000sf building to site Zoning  09-17Z1 Loren Shapiro  10/10/17
Northeast corner of Old Denton Rd. and Raiford Furneaux Creek Square  Amend PD 5 to mixed uses  Zoning  08-17Z1  Loren Shapiro   10/10/17
South side of Parker Rd. and west of Josey Ln. Villas at Parker, Ph. 4   Change zoning from Commercial to Single family homes   Zoning  08-17Z2    Loren Shapiro   10/10/17

P&Z = Planning & Zoning Commission;

CC = City Council;

SUP = Special Use Permit

The Planning & Zoning Commission & City Council hold public hearings on cases at 7:00 p.m., on the dates listed above, in the City Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall. If you are interested in any case, you have the opportunity to make your opinion known to the appropriate body at that time.

Or, you may mail us a signed letter which will be forwarded to the Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council, whichever is hearing the case at that time.

For questions on a specific case, please phone the
case manager at 972-466-3040, or e-mail us.