Who Is Investigating My Case?

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To find out which Detective is assigned to your case, you may call 972-466-3300.  You will be directed to someone that can assist you or you may contact one of the Section Supervisors.

Overview of How The Investigative Section Works:

In 2010, approximately 5,200 cases were assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit. Detectives generally work in plainclothes and investigate crimes that are often complex and may extend over a significant period of time or geographical area. Cases received by this Division are usually assigned to a Detective in the Personal Crimes Section or the Property Crimes Section. All of the Detectives meet regularly during the week to discuss and compare ongoing cases.

Once a Detective is assigned an individual case, they will review all case information and look for similarities with other cases as well as solvability factors. Based on leads provided in the case, the Detective will begin to conduct their investigation. The Detective may conduct additional witness and victim interviews and review relevant information for additional leads as needed.

Additionally the Detective and Crime Scene Investigators will look at and interpret any evidence, such as property descriptions, photos, surveillance video, fingerprint analysis, and a myriad of any other sources or items of evidentiary value. The Detective may also partner with Intelligence Division Officers to look for any patterns or relationships with other crimes. If the Detective receives or develops suspect information during their investigation, they will interview the suspect(s). Although Detectives examine every case for possible leads, some cases simply provide no opportunity for investigative follow-up. Nonetheless, Detectives remain dedicated to service for each and every crime victim.

If the investigation produces enough evidence to legally justify an arrest, the Detective will prepare an affidavit requesting an arrest warrant be issued and it will be presented to a judge and request an Arrest Warrant. The Detective will then complete their investigation and compile all the paperwork needed for prosecution and forward the case to the appropriate District Attorney’s Office. Since Carrollton is somewhat unique in that it lies in three separate counties (Dallas, Denton, and Collin), three Administrative Assistants handle the complexity of handling the necessary case filing paperwork for the entire Police Department. 

While this is a general overview of what happens to a case when assigned to a Detective, there are different variables that can impact the actual investigative steps of each individual case.

Detectives engage multiple resources, tools, and partners both within and outside the department to meet the needs of solving their individual cases and remain committed to conducting quality investigations and solving crimes.