Solicitor & Handbill Permits


Solicitor & Handbill Permits

Permits for distributing handbills or soliciting door to door are required. Contact Records at 2025 Jackson Rd to obtain a copy of ordinance and to apply for a solicitor permit.

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1. Solicitation involves any home solicitation transaction; any request for the donation of money,
property, or anything of value, the selling or offering for sale of any property, real or personal,
tangible or intangible, whether of value or not, including but not limited to goods, books,
pamphlets, tickets, publications, or subscriptions to publications.

2. Permits are required for all solicitation and handbill distribution, including solicitation on
residential property.

3. Charitable solicitation requires a permit and back ground check. For verified charitable
organizations, the only fee imposed is for the background check. Children are not required to
obtain a permit, only the adult supervising them.

4. The business or organization is required to obtain a permit and each solicitor or handbill
distributor is required to obtain an individual permit. The business/organization permit is $50.00
per six months and the individual permit is $10.00 per six months.

5. Fees are non refundable. It may take up to 10 business days to process the application and issue
the permit.

6. Permits are not renewable. Each subsequent solicitation period requires a new application.

7. Each solicitor must show, upon request, a valid US Government issued photo ID and the current
Solicitor’s Permit issued to them.

8. Handbills cannot be hung on utility poles or placed or deposited upon any automobile or other

9. It is unlawful to solicit or distribute handbills from any sidewalk, upon a roadway or at any

10. It is unlawful to solicit or distribute handbills at any premises if there is placed in a conspicuous
place near the main entrance a sign bearing the words “no peddlers”, “no trespassing”, “no
advertisements”, “no solicitation” “no handbills” or any other language indicating the resident
does not desire to be molested or disturbed.


  • Block Parties 972-466-3225
  • Building Permits 972-466-3225
  • Special Events 972-466-3225
  • Parade Permits 972-466-3225