Recycling in Carrollton

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The Benefits of Recycling in Carrollton

Why should we recycle? For the environment, for Carrollton and for you!
  • Environment. Recycling helps conserve natural resources. That means we're helping to make sure the earth is still here for our grandchildren. Recycling saves energy as it allows us to make fewer cans, bottles and paper. This helps keep fuel prices low and cuts down the amount of factory smoke and fumes going into the air we breathe.
  • Carrollton. Neighborhoods benefit from recycling through cleaner streets and sidewalks, and a stronger sense of community. Recycling also helps generate sales tax revenue. By shopping at one of our local rewards partners, sales tax revenue will be generated for Carrollton. This means more funding for public safety, libraries and fewer potholes!
  • You. Recycling is one of the best things you can do. It takes so little effort - you must simply know what’s recyclable and put it in one bin. But really it's a gift to all of us and especially to our children. Recycling helps the environment in a big way. For example when you recycle a can, one less has to be made; thereby saving the earth energy and materials.

Recycling Tips