Current Council Goals


Our Vision for Carrollton:
To create and maintain a highly regarded, safe, family-oriented, vibrant and attractive community with diverse development, lively retail, a successful transit-oriented development (TOD) district and a blend of housing styles, culture, entertainment and leisure venues that provides a high quality of life; a community where the economic development and investment potential draw individuals and companies to do business in Carrollton.

2015-16 City Council Strategic Goals

Financially sustain our community
• Ensure Public Safety sustainability while maintaining a low property crime rate
• Continue implementing bond programs
• Maintain warehouse and industrial development tax base

Maintain and enhance the quality, vitality and attractiveness of our community
• Maintain and enhance residential re-development incentive program
• Revitalize and potentially purchase shopping centers
• Ensure hotels and apartments are operating cleanly, safely and responsibly
• Monitor the implementation of railroad quiet zones throughout the City and analyze future opportunities
• Continue a pro-active plan to deal with migratory birds and wildlife-related management

Maintain and enhance amenities and services that enhance the quality of life
• Continue code enforcement and neighborhood integrity efforts
• Continue to expand trail system
• Maintain a priority on redevelopment of existing parks
• Maintain traffic signal synchronization at key intersections
• Complete an “Adopt-a-Neighborhood” program through the NAC to create more neighborhood ownership and connections
• Pursue alternatives for re-developing the golf course

Maintain and enhance our infrastructure and transportation system
• Schedule and fund priority street improvement and sidewalk repair projects
• Monitor completion of the IH-35E widening project with TXDOT including design of the Belt Line Road underpass and establishing IH-35E entry features
• Increase emphasis on securing passenger rail opportunities in Carrollton
• Implement a plan to upgrade the top 20 high-traffic, strategic DART bus stops

Operate city government as a service business
• Maintain on-going emphasis on operating as a service business
• Pursue opportunities for increased local representation on regional boards and commissions that affect the City of Carrollton
• Continue to optimize and build relationships with other government agencies, school districts, and neighboring cities
• Maintain a total rewards environment that optimizes employee compensation, benefits, development, and work environment

Reflect and promote a positive image of our community
• Continue a targeted branding and advertising strategy to improve perception in the Metroplex and with our citizens
• Provide activities that support a sense of community
• Promote historical landmarks within the community as part of our marketing efforts
• Monitor sponsorships for City assets
• Continue to conduct festivals and events (i.e. – Festival at the Switchyard, Bluebonnet Festival, and 5k Trail Run)

Intentionally encourage quality new development and strategic redevelopment
• Implement and revisit the Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan
• Expand retention, attraction and growth efforts of specific types of restaurants and retail that fit Carrollton’s long term vision
• Enhance the connection between the City of Carrollton and small businesses, including retail
• Pursue intentional redevelopment of aging apartments that do not fit Carrollton’s long term vision

Maintain and enhance the image of Carrollton’s major corridors
• Pursue major street corridor redevelopment and cleanup including entry points and the Marsh-Rosemeade substation
• Implement urban design guidelines to promote quality development and redevelopment in the city’s major street corridors
• Explore and present options for distinguishing Carrollton city limits from Dallas in areas where boundaries are connected

Maintain and enhance transparency throughout the organization
• Continue to exceed minimum legal requirements for transparency and open government