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Don't be an Easy Target for Thieves During the Holiday Shopping Season

Post Date:12/13/2017 5:34 PM

Throughout the holiday season, the Carrollton Police Department wishes to remind residents of measures they can take to help reduce vehicle burglaries in the community. Seasonal shopping and the presence of extra money put thieves on high alert.

While shopping, individuals can protect themselves by:

  • Always locking the vehicle. Motorists should roll the windows all the way up and check door handles before walking away.
  • Always set the alarm system if the vehicle is equipped.
  • Replace the lighter and close the flap on the auxiliary plug, if you have used it, before you leave your vehicle. Failure to do so could be a telltale sign to a potential thief that an item of value may be in the car.
  • Remove all valuables or anything that looks to be of value from the vehicle (even accumulated loose change). A gym bag full of dirty clothes could look like a bag with a computer in it to a thief.
  • Do not hide a purse or wallet in the vehicle.
  • If items can’t be taken inside, place them in the trunk before arriving at a final destination. Burglars often sit in parking lots to see what victims are doing before and after they get out of the car. They are watching to see where potential victims are hiding valuables or what they are placing inside their trunk.
  • When returning to your vehicle, have your keys ready as you approach. Look inside your car before you unlock the door and get in. If you are concerned for any reason, simply walk past it and find help.
  • Leave the parking spot immediately after everyone is situated and seatbelts are fastened. Don't stay and write notes, balance checkbooks, or talk on the phone.
  • Please report any and all suspicious activity and persons to the Carrollton Police Department.
  • If possible, park in a well-lit area. The best way to prevent the burglary of your vehicle is to secure it inside a garage.

For more information about crime prevention, visit or call 972-466-3290.

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