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Quiet Zones Update - DART Board Approves Carrollton Street Repairs

Post Date:03/27/2020 10:15 AM

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) board has approved funding a Carrollton street repair project along the Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNSF) Railway corridor between Carrollton’s northern border and Josey Lane.

A Street Repair Policy approved in 1994, and updated in 1997 and 2016, permits DART to cooperate with service area cities to accomplish needed repairs.

The City chose to seek reimbursement for a Rail Crossing/Safety Quiet Zone project covering eleven locations that includes automatic gates with bells, wayside flashers, special medians, constant warning devices at street crossings, and repaving of streets approaching the rail crossings including sidewalks and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps.

While the project has a total cost of $1.4 million, the project reimbursement by DART will be $449,455.

The City of Carrollton will be responsible for procuring, constructing, supervising, inspecting and making any future changes to the plans necessary to complete the project.

 Quiet-Zones_image1  Quiet-Zones_image2-Map



Click here to view a video message from Carrollton
Mayor Matthew Marchant and learn more about the
Quiet Zone Program in Carrollton.

The City of Carrollton has completed a long-standing project for nine railroad crossings in residential areas of the City to go quiet by Thursday, April 14.


 quiet zone
 quiet zone
 quiet zone
Camino Construction is nearly done with the remaining outstanding work. Hand rails have been installed at the Peters Colony and Old Mill locations and the sidewalks have recently been completed also. There is still some sidewalk panel work to be done at the Frankford Road and Trinity Mills locations.

In spite of a few rain delays, Camino has been able to stay on schedule. The City requires the work to be fully complete by March 7 so that it can send the formal request to establish the quiet zones known as the Notice of Establishment letter to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). There will still be some cleanup work that will need to be done after March 7, but this will not impact the critical path during the 30-day period that the FRA is processing the NOE. 

Carrollton and areas of Dallas are still on track for having the quiet zones operational in April. 




As of January 25, 2016, BNSF has completed all major work on the nine railroad crossings in Carrollton. There may still be some minor items to handle, but should not impact our ability to complete the rest of the project. 

The City formally issued the notice to proceed to Camino Construction to complete all outstanding work. The company will have six weeks to complete the final elements of the project which would put the anticipated completion of the project at March 7, 2016. Camino still has to construct a few sidewalk sections, repair some sidewalk panels that BNSF damaged during their process (the City will seek reimbursement), install a handrail at Old Mill Road and Peters Colony Road and install various signs and pavement markings. Assuming reasonable weather, this is a very achievable timeline. 

The City will prepare and send a Notice of Establishment (NOE) to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) this month. Once we submit to the FRA, there is a 30-day review period before the quiet zone is formally established. In closing, we are looking at having the quiet zones operational in April of this year.


quiet zones



This past month, we have assisted BNSF in getting permits to improve the rail crossings at the EB and WB Trinity Mills Road and the Frankford Road from TxDOT and the city of Dallas, respectively. Both permits were obtained in early December. The Trinity Mills was scheduled for December 19 and December 20--a Saturday and Sunday. This minimized the impact to the businesses on EB Trinity Mills Road.

The work was performed on December 19 and 20 and went well. There was some minor clean up that was completed a couple of days later. This only leaves the Frankford Road crossing as the last location that BNSF needs to improve. Originally, this work was scheduled for Sunday, December 27. Unfortunately, with the holidays, they were not able to field a construction crew and this work is now rescheduled for January 23, 2016.

Also in December, Camino Construction was able to install the pavement markings on Josey Lane. Camino has very limited work that they can do until the crossings on Trinity Mills Road and Frankford Raod are completed. They were notified before Christmas that the Trinity Mills crossings were completed.

Since all of BNSF work is on the critical path and since all of the crossings must be 100 percent completed before we can submit to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for a quiet zone, the delay into late January at the Frankford location has the potential to push the operational date of the quiet zone into April 2016.


BNSF completed all major work at the Peters Colony Road location at the beginning of November.

Due to clearance delays in the Dallas and TxDOT jurisdictions, it is likely BNSF will complete the Frankford crossing by the end of December. This will leave only the two crossings at Trinity Mills (EB and WB) to complete. If the permit is released by the end of December from TxDOT, the BNSF phase can be completed by mid-January and then Camino can come back and finish work in the coming weeks barring bad weather.

At this time, an estimated operational date is by March 2016.


This past month our roadway contractor, Camino Construction, completed work at the Perry/Ryan, Josey, Keller Springs, Old Mill, and Rosemeade locations. At the present time, we have completed five out of the nine railroad quiet zone locations. The other four locations, Trinity Mills EB and WB, Frankford, and Peters Colony require BNSF to install new equipment.

The revised schedule is as follows:
• Arrival of BNSF equipment for four locations: Estimated sometime in October or early November
• Complete installation of equipment for the four locations: 2-3 weeks after equipment arrives
• Completion of all roadway work by Camino after BNSF is done: 2 months after equipment is installed
• Mandatory 30-day Notice of Quiet Zone Establishment: One month after Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) receives a notice of completion.
• Operational: Estimated sometime in February or March 2016


This past month has shown a lot of progress on the various RR quiet zone locations. To recap from last month, BNSF was able to install the sidewalk panels at the Perry/Ryan, Josey, Keller Springs and Old Mill locations by the end of July and the Rosemeade location in early August. Camino began a limited remobilization at Josey Lane starting around the middle of July.

During this past month, Camino has expanded its efforts to work on the crossings at Old Mill, Perry/Ryan, Keller Springs and recently Rosemeade. As of today, Perry/Ryan is nearly completed with the only items outstanding being the final signage and pavement markings. At Josey Lane, the sidewalks have been constructed on both the east and west side including adding the new retaining wall. Pavers were being installed this week and as of today about 70 percent of the pavers are installed. At Keller Springs, the sidewalks have be installed. At Old Mill , the sidewalks have been poured. At Rosemeade, they have begun to prepare the area to form up the sidewalks. At the current rate of progress, Camino will complete all of the work on the five locations by late September. At that point, they will stop and wait until BNSF completes the other four locations.

The schedule for completion would remain the same as last month:
• Arrival of BNSF equipment for four locations: End of September
• Complete installation of equipment for the four locations: Mid October
• Completion of all roadway work after BNSF is done by Camino(per contract): Mid December
• Mandatory 30 day Notice of Quiet Zone Establishment: Mid-January
• Operational. Mid-January 2016



Minimal progress this month, however, the new BNSF roadmaster took a personal interest in completing the quiet zone project with more urgency than the previous individual in the position. Four locations required extensive reconstruction work; it will take 60 days for the equipment to arrive and then another few weeks to do the work. The cost for the repairs was negotiated down to $128,000 as a result of BNSF giving us a discount over their standard rate. After reviewing the project budget, we feel that we have the room in the $1.45 million that City Council previously authorized to pay for these additional costs. Of the five remaining locations, one was done and the crossings at Rosemeade Parkway, Keller Springs Road, Josey Lane, and Perry Road will be completed by the end of July. As of July 30, the locations at Keller Springs Road, Josey Lane, and Perry Road have been completed.

Our contractor, Camino, agreed to a limited remobilization to do work at the Josey Lane and Old Mill Road locations. Camino began working at the Old Mill location during the week of July 20. Between Monday and Thursday of this past week, Camino was working at the Josey Lane location.  The Rosemead Parkway location is expected to be complete by August 7.

• Arrival of BNSF equipment for four locations: End of September
• Complete installation of equipment for the four locations: Mid October
• Completion of all roadway work after BNSF is done by Camino(per contract): Mid December
• Mandatory 30 day Notice of Quiet Zone Establishment: Mid-January
• Operational. Mid-January 2016

However, Camino is working now to get a head start on their work . By doing the work now, they may be able to shorten the schedule by a couple of weeks. So we feel that we may have an operational quiet zone by the end of the year.


As with several other projects in the area, heavy rains this month have resulted in very little work being done on the various quiet zone locations. BNSF reported they are responding to flooding and water damage on their tracks in various parts of the state which is taking priority over the quiet zone upgrades. In addition to the weather, BNSF has assigned a new roadmaster to the area which may have further contributed to the lack of progress.

At this time, if BNSF finishes their portion by the end of June, the railroad quiet zones will go active sometime in late September or early October.


As of April 29, BNSF crews have removed old equipment bungalows and railings. The City roadway contractor is still on hold to wrap up the project. Heavy rainfall in April was the primary contributor to the BNSF delays. Railroad quiet zones are now estimated to go active in late August or early September.


Much progress can be seen to Carrollton’s railroad Quiet Zones, a project headed by the Federal Railroad Administration. BNSF Railway has completed installation of all major pieces of equipment at each of the nine locations. More specifically, the crossing at Perry Road and Ryan Avenue has seen the replacement of the guard rail at the signal with rail crossing panels for the sidewalks. The Keller Springs, Frankford, and Trinity Mills (East and Westbound) crossings have seen clean up and minor items improved. The bungalow at Old Mill Road was replaced with an updated structure. Peters Colony also received an updated bungalow as well as installation of rail crossing panels for the sidewalks and the removal of the guard rail by the signal arm. Finally, the Rosemeade location also saw installation of rail crossing panels for the sidewalks. Looking forward, project contractor Camino has reported that the custom crash barrier for the Josey crossing has been manufactured and delivered. BNSF is estimated to finalize the installation by April 15. Camino will then be able to install the barrier and remobilize efforts in mid to late April.

For a map of Carrollton's Quiet Zones, click here. The two solid red squares indicate a completed quiet zone, while the remaining nine hollow squares are zones still in progress.

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