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Wildlife Sightings Throughout Carrollton

Post Date:03/14/2017 3:18 PM

Many residents have shared their concern for wildlife in our City, specifically noting bobcat and coyote activity. This time of year it is not uncommon to see both species active during the day as both will mate in late winter and early spring. These more frequent sightings have led some to believe there is an increased risk to people and domestic pets. However, while both bobcats and coyotes have adapted to living in closer proximity to people, they have not abandoned their natural fear of humans.

If you know either species is living near your home, turn on the lights and make a little noise before letting pets out into the yard. If you encounter wildlife while walking your pets, maintain a safe distance, make plenty of noise, and report the activity to Animal Services. The City's wildlife management plan does not call for the trapping of each reported bobcat or coyote. However, we evaluate each call on its individual merits to determine the most appropriate next step. Sick or injured animals, or those with a significantly reduced fear of humans may result in efforts to capture the specific animal. These determinations cannot be made without your active participation by reporting the activity you see in your neighborhood. Please contact Carrollton Animal Services at 972-466-3420 to report bobcat or coyote activity.

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