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Carrollton Public Works Implements New Safety Program

Post Date:04/12/2017 5:00 PM
Public Works Hard Hats
 Hard Hat Legend

The City of Carrollton has rolled out a new safety program for all of its Public Works crews. The new program will include an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification, a new hard hat color-coding system, and an increased emphasis on personal protective equipment (PPE).

As a government entity, the City is not subject to OSHA regulations, but Public Works saw the need to raise the standards of safety for the department in order to ensure worker safety as well as better service to the public. To this end, a safety consultant was hired to evaluate department practices and recommended the implementation of a safety training program. The program led to all Public Works employees receiving an OSHA 10-hour card which covers the core safety classes and is a private-industry standard.

As a part of the safety evaluation, the use of hard hats was also recommended. An employee focus group evaluated many hard hat models and selected one that provides air flow to assist with ventilating heat in the summer time. While there is no industry standard regarding hard hat codes, Carrollton implemented an easy-to-recognize system in order for employees, management, and citizens to know which group is working.

The yellow hard hats are assigned to crews working on asphalt/drainage; signal crews wear white hard hats, the concrete crews’ hard hats are gray; the water system crews’ are blue; green hard hats are for waste water crews; and supervisors are easily recognized by their red hats.

Along with the new hard hats came additional guidelines for their use. Public Works personnel will be required to wear hard hats while working in zones with overhead hazards such as the radius of a crane, excavator, or backhoe; potential head-bump spaces like basements or places with overhead piping; and areas posted as requiring hard hats such as construction sites.

“The entire team has embraced the new safety initiative,” said Public Works Director John Crawford. “Safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organization, and we look out for each other’s well-being, including reminding each other of safety risks and to use our PPE.”

Crawford has placed a reemphasis on PPE since stepping into his role as department director in September. PPE includes protective equipment or clothing such as hard hats, goggles, and specialized clothing that help prevent bodily injury to the user.

For more information on Carrollton’s efforts for maintaining high quality safety and service, visit Residents can also get up-to-date road construction information by following

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