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Senate Bill 4 Facts: What Happens September 1

Post Date:08/30/2017 9:41 PM

Senate Bill 4 Facts:  What Happens September 1

In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 4.  In anticipation of the Texas legislation, which is scheduled to go into effect this Friday, September 1 and in alignment with the City’s goal of community engagement, the City of Carrollton Police Department has been engaging in various public speaking endeavors to quell fears and dispel myths related to Senate Bill 4. 

What is Senate Bill 4? 

Major components of Senate Bill 4 Include:

  • Prohibiting cities and police agencies from establishing policy or practice that prohibits officers from inquiring about a person's immigration status if that person is lawfully detained or under arrest (on other unrelated charges). 
  • Prohibiting agencies from setting up barriers to interfere with federal authorities who are trying to investigate or enforce immigration laws. 
  • Prohibiting departments from engaging in racial profiling.
  • Requiring departments to honor ICE Detainer Requests.

What happens in Carrollton on September 1:

  • Nothing different.  No efforts directed at immigration enforcement will take place.
  • The Carrollton Police Department will continue normal operations.
  • The Carrollton Police Department does not conduct immigration raids.
  • Officers will not arrest someone solely because of their immigration status.
  • Carrollton Police will continue to enforce the law and arrest violators based solely upon the violation.
  • The Carrollton Police Department will be fully compliant with Senate Bill 4.

Additional information about Senate Bill 4:

Link to info in English

Para hechos sobre SB4 en espanol, haga clic aqui

More information will be available at the upcoming UNIDOS meeting.

If you are part of a group that wishes to request a speaker regarding the Carrollton Police Department's Senate Bill 4 compliance, please contact 972-466-3304.  

Photos of recent public engagement events to discuss Senate Bill 4:

 Ministerios Bethania Group
 Chief at Prestonwood Gabby's Tamales 
 Unidos Group  Chief at Ministerios Bethania  Chief on radio

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