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Carrollton Ranks High in National Inclusivity Survey

Post Date:09/26/2018 2:36 PM

The City of Carrollton ranked high in a study released April 25 entitled “Inclusive Recovery in US Cities,” conducted by The Urban Institute (UI) evaluating how 274 cities in the United States shared their economic recoveries with low-income minority residents.

To better understand what makes a city inclusive, UI pulled data on 13 indicators, including income, education, home ownership, and rent burdens, and sorted the results by race and time. It also created an index to compare cities, revealing which city recorded the most progress. The research examines calculated data and microdata across four decades from 1980-2013 on 274 of the largest U.S. cities and ranks those cities in economic, racial, and overall inclusion. Carrollton ranks at 82 nationally, ninth within the state of Texas, and third within DFW Metroplex cities.

Economic inclusion is measured by looking at income segregation, housing affordability, the share of working poor residents, and the high school drop-out rate. Carrollton came in at 65 for economic inclusion, with better percentages than the average across cities in the categories measured. This shows the ability of residents with lower incomes to contribute to and benefit from economic prosperity and is the basis of economic inclusion, according to the study.   

Carrollton ranked more inclusive in diversity, with people of color making up a larger share of the population than the average city. Carrollton was also ranked more inclusive than average in categories of racial segregation, racial homeownership gap, and racial poverty gap.

“Being more inclusive can make cities stronger and more stable and can give all residents a chance to improve their quality of life,” the study summarizes.

The Urban Institute is a Washington D.C.-based, independent nonprofit that conducts research seeking solutions for social and economic conditions, and receives funding from governmental contracts, foundations, and private donors.

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