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City of Carrollton Hosts Sober Proms at Local High Schools

Post Date:05/01/2019 5:48 PM

The City of Carrollton’s Municipal Court and Police departments partnered to host a successful Sober Prom event at Creekview High School on Tuesday, April 23 and will host a second Sober Prom at Hebron High School on Friday, May 10.

MC-Initiative-simulatorHeld during the students’ lunch hour, the Sober Prom features the chance to sign a pledge promising to be alcohol and drug free on prom night and includes student’s signature, school name, grade level, and date. Of the 1,900 students enrolled at Creekview High School, approximately 400 are seniors, and more than 33 percent of those seniors signed the pledge.

“Carrollton Municipal Court is excited to educate the teenage community in this capacity and for school administrators to see this initiative in action,” Kristen Conner, Carrollton Municipal Court Juvenile Case Manager said. “It is the City’s hope that this opens the door for future outreach and more in-depth school programs.”

Carrollton Police Department (CPD) and Carrollton DWI task force officers provided a DWI simulator demonstrating the dangers of drunk driving, and Carrollton Municipal Court provided a bean bag toss for students wearing impairment goggles to show the physical effects of impairment from drugs or alcohol. The simulator gives students a first-hand experience of driving while under the influence without the danger of injury, and the impairment goggles give students the chance to learn how drugs and alcohol affect cognitive abilities and motor skills. Carrollton Citizens on Patrol, the Municipal Court staff, and Creekview High School student volunteers helped collect pledge cards and distribute literature on a variety of topics including the dangers of drugs and alcohol, drugged and drunk driving, and other unsafe driving practices.

The goal of the Sober Prom events is to present a united front among the schools, CPD, and the Municipal Court while providing education and outreach to students through interactive demonstrations and the distribution of educational materials.

“Impaired driving is the number one charge filed by the Carrollton Police Department,” Assistant City Attorney Rachael Carrico said. “There has also been an alarming increase in the number of DUI arrests of minors in the last three years.”

The City launched the Drugs. Booze. Drive. Lose. campaign to address this trend and formed a Traffic Safety Initiative Team in 2018 to distribute educational materials at various community events.


The City of Carrollton Municipal Court received the 2019 Municipal Traffic Safety Initiatives Award at the 2019 Traffic Safety Conference held March 25-27 in Houston for its expanded public education and community outreach efforts highlighting the effects of impaired driving.

The large amount of free information available from the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC), the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the 2Young2Drink initiative through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) enables the team to distribute materials at numerous local venues with a minimum expense to the City.

Carrico said the team works tirelessly to increase awareness and believes their efforts will have an impact on the community now and in the future. Receiving the 2019 MTSI Award is just one step in an ongoing effort to expand awareness of the effects that drugs and alcohol have on a person’s motor skills and cognitive decision-making ability, and this Sober Prom initiative is one of the next steps in creating awareness among Carrollton’s teenage population.

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