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Carrollton Fleet Receives Efficiency and Aesthetic Upgrades

Post Date:01/22/2021 12:43 PM

The City of Carrollton has added several unique vehicles to the fleet to enhance operational efficiency. Residents can be on the lookout in the coming weeks for the distinctive design-wrapped exteriors throughout the City and surrounding neighborhoods.

While each vehicle has a specific use, the wraps not only showcase the vehicles' capabilities with pride, but also preserve the finish, function as a means of public education, and even serve to repurpose the vehicle itself. 

Public Works Pipeline Assessment Mobile Camera Van
Vehicles-PW-Pipeline-imageCity Council approved fleet replacement money from the Water Utility Fund in February 2020 to replace the current truck and trailer setup which is four years past its 10-year life cycle.

The new van will use video capabilities to inspect the inside of wastewater lines to pinpoint current and potential problems in underground pipes and supports the Council’s strategic goal of judiciously investing in technology to improve Public Works’ efficiency and effectiveness.

The camera equipment identifies structural defects as well as inflow and infiltration issues before they become a problem. Detecting the issues sooner will help cut down the number of sanitary sewer overflows and customer backups while reducing the amount of money the City pays to the Trinity River Authority, Carrollton’s wastewater treatment provider.

The interior is equipped with a computer area and desk for inspecting documents, linking images to GIS maps, and sharing information securely in the cloud. An interior work bay makes it easy to get inspection tools on-site and deployed rapidly and safely.

The vehicle is scheduled to be in service by the end of January and features an image of the pipeline camera unit on its exterior paneling.

For more information on Carrollton’s Public Works Department, visit

Carrollton Fire Rescue Mobile Simulation Unit
Carrollton Fire Rescue (CFR) converted this former, front-line ambulance into a rolling classroom in September 2020. The unit is expected to be placed into service by the beginning of February.

With CFR’s Mobile Simulation Unit (MSU), instructors can provide a true on-the-scene experience instead of teaching in a static classroom environment. The new, advanced method of training EMTs and Paramedics also uses sophisticated mannequins that can breathe, bleed, sweat, and exhibit a pulse.  

Vehicles-CFR-MSU-imageThree life-size mannequins, including an adult, a six-year old child, and a one-year old infant, are computer controlled by an educator within the MSU who can adjust the mannequin's responses according to how EMS personnel treat the “patient". Crews can simulate treating the “patient" in a car or in a house, necessitating the need to think about safety concerns, health and treatment issues, and how to move the “patient.” 

Crews and “patient(s)” can then be loaded into the MSU for an actual “ride to the hospital” for an ambulance experience. When the MSU is moving, starting an intravenous (IV) infusion of medication or controlling a clear airway passage are challenges that require precision skills to compensate for the motion of the ambulance. The MSU can provide scenarios that a classroom environment may not offer EMTs and Paramedics building the skills needed in crucial life-saving situations.

For more information on Carrollton’s Fire Rescue team, visit

Public Works Water Conservation Car
City Council approved the purchase of five vehicles at the February 5, 2019 meeting. They are the first all-electric cars in the City’s fleet and are distributed among the Public Works and Environmental Services Departments.

Vehicles-PW-WC-Bolt-imageThis one is driven by Carrollton’s Water Conservation Specialist to promote water conservation efforts within Carrollton and was put into service in June of 2020. It is used when traveling to host educational events within schools, homeowners associations, community promotional gatherings, and when participating in special events off-site. The vehicle is also driven when investigating possible water conservation ordinance violations. It is the only one of the five cars with a special design, the rest received the Carrollton logo and the department designation on the doors.

For more information on Carrollton’s water conservation efforts, visit

Public Works Emergency Response Team Trailer
Vehicle-PWERT_Trailer-ImageCarrollton was the first city in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in May 2018 to outfit and put into service a Public Works Emergency Response Team (PWERT) trailer. The branded wrap design is a testament to the efforts Carrollton took to leverage emergency response funding into valuable resources for the community.

The trailer is a federally-funded asset of the 2016 State Homeland Security Grant Program and contains equipment and materials needed in severe weather, floods, and other disaster situations that require a public works response. The PWERT trailer is designed to respond regionally, be self-supporting in the field, cut and clear debris, provide power and support to equipment in the field, and evacuate water from critical facilities.

For more information on Carrollton’s emergency preparedness, visit

Carrollton Mobile Utility Trailer
The Carrollton Mobile was purchased in 1986 and serves as a distribution station for handing out complimentary cookies, bottled water, hot cocoa, hot coffee, popcorn, soda, etc. during City events. The trailer is completely energy efficient. Once the trailer is positioned at the event location, a generator is connected so appliances and cooking equipment can run off the power source. Interior cabinets supply limited storage for the day. The unit was given an exterior upgrade in November 2014 featuring City branding for a more polished look to an old-faithful asset, including the City’s signature tagline "Where Connections Happen."

Vehicles-CarrolltonMobile-2-imageFor more information on activities, classes, programs, and community events in the City, visit

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