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Carrollton Water Utility Customers May Apply For Leak Adjustment; Storm-Related Permit Fees Waived

Post Date:02/23/2021 11:05 AM

The City of Carrollton understands the previous week was difficult for many water customers due to the weather and threat of frozen and burst pipes. As a reminder, Carrollton water utility account customers can request an adjustment to their water bill for leak repairs. 

Customers experiencing a break in the plumbing lines and/or fixtures on their private property can request an adjustment by submitting a Certification of Water Leak Repair form including a description of the leak and proof of payment for repairs within 90 days of the bill reflecting water wastage. The certification form must be submitted to Carrollton’s Utility Customer Service Department for determination of eligibility. The resident must submit a Certification of Water Leak Repair form, receipt for repair from a plumber or receipts for all parts used to perform the repairs if work was completed by the homeowner, and any permits that may have been required in repairing the leak. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact Building Inspections at 972-466-3225 to inquire into any permit requirements. To help relieve some of the financial burden, the City will be waiving all leak-related permit fees for 90 days. 

A leak is defined in Carrollton’s Water Leak Adjustment Policy as a break or defect in the potable [drinkable] waterline/system that causes loss of water and is reflected by water meter readings. A leak is not the result of filling a swimming pool or other unusual but manageable acts. Irrigation system and swimming pool leaks are not normally covered under the Leak Adjustment Program; however, in response to winter storm impacts the City will accept leak adjustment applications for irrigation and pool system leaks that were incurred as a result of the recent storm. No adjustments will be made until a full, leak-free billing period has occurred.

It is the responsibility of the water utility customer to ensure leaks are repaired in a timely manner as unrepaired leaks could result in interruption of water service. 

In keeping with the City’s conservation ordinance and guidelines, Carrollton encourages water conservation at all levels of customer use, provides guidance for responding to customer requests for billing adjustments due to undetected water wastage, and works with active Carrollton water utility account customers to apply adjustments to their water bill for leak repairs.  

There is also a leak adjustment program for apartments and commercial properties. Representatives from the City of Carrollton will be contacting each apartment complex to provide the leak adjustment form and guidelines to them to encourage apartments to apply so leak-related costs will not continue to adversely impact residents.

Each calendar year, the City uses a Winter Quarter Average (WQA) of water consumption to determine the sewer/wastewater billing component for residential customers. By averaging account usage during three consecutive billing cycles over the winter months of January, February, and March, a resident’s sewer rate is determined and reflected on the bills for the remainder of the year. Since this historic winter weather impacted water usage due to dripping faucets and broken pipes, Carrollton will use each customer’s WQA from 2020 for wastewater billing in 2021. The City will take care of this automatically. No action is required from the customer.

Customers with questions related to WQA or leak adjustments can contact the City at To download the Certification of Water Leak Repair form, click here. A copy of Carrollton’s Water Leak Adjustment Policy can be found here. For more information, visit or

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