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Carrollton Ranks Among the Top Safest Cities Nationwide

Post Date:04/15/2021 2:34 PM

The City of Carrollton is ranked among the top 30 safest cities nationwide on SmartAsset’s “Safest Cities in America ꟷ 2021 Edition” this April, which reviewed 200 cities nationwide based on population.

According to SmartAsset, Carrollton has the 15th-lowest violent crime rate out of all 200 cities analyzed and the 35th-lowest property crime rate studywide. 

“Safety is one of the top concerns for many families when picking a place to live,” SmartAsset said. “Besides the more recent public health concern … many Americans have usually looked for low crime and other low-risk factors in order to detemine whether a new neighborhood is safe for them.”

The report examines data from 200 of the largest cities using five metrics including violent crime, property crime, vehicular mortality rate, drug poisoning mortality, and the percentage of the populaton engaging in excessive drinking. The vehicular mortality rate, drug poisoning rate, and percentage of the population engaging in excessive drinking are all measured at the county level using data from Both violent crime and property crime rates are at the city level, and data is taken from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 2019 Uniform Crime Reporting Database.

To determine the final rankings, SmartAsset ranked each city in each metric. The average ranking for every city was calculated, giving each metric an equal weight. From there, the cities were ranked on the basis of their average ranking, giving an index score of 100 to the top city and an index score of zero to the bottom.

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SmartAsset is a technology company empowering people to make smart personal financial decisions around homebuying, investing, retirement, taxes, and more.

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