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Remove Dead Vegetation to Keep Carrollton Beautiful & Safe

Post Date:06/04/2021 9:15 AM

Dead-Vegetation-imageThe City of Carrollton is asking property owners to clear any dead vegetation, damaged shrubbery, or broken tree limbs, to minimize hazardous conditions during the dry, summer months and keep Carrollton homes and businesses safe and beautiful.  

“Many residential, multifamily, and commercial properties suffered loss of vegetation from the winter storms in February,” Carrollton Landscape Planner Leanne Wagener said. “The damage has been so extensive, the landscape nurseries have been unable to keep up with the demand to replace material by the end of the spring planting season.”

TrimPruneRemove-imageDespite the delays, Carrollton is asking property owners to begin removing the dead material and securing the necessary replacements sooner rather than later. Due to the expense and hardship involved in the volume removal and replacement of damaged vegetation, the City of Carrollton is giving multifamily property owners and commercial business owners until the end of December to replace dead plant material to allow for sufficient time to achieve compliance. The City will be monitoring businesses along main corridors for progress in removing damaged material, and will resume code enforcement on Monday, January 3, 2022.

Dead vegetation removed at single-family homes is not required to be replaced under City ordinance, unlike multifamily and commercial businesses. Failure to remove dead plant material, fallen branches, and dried leaves, however, is a fire hazard and could result in a fine. City staff is resuming enforcement for single-family homes on Tuesday, June 15.

Residents, remember to plan tree trimming to coincide with weekly collection of brush and bulk waste. Cut all limbs into four-foot lengths. Stack bulk waste neatly at the curb in front of the home no earlier than 6 p.m. of the evening before and no later than 6:30 a.m. of your collection day. Items cannot be collected if set within two feet of a mailbox, fire hydrant, utility box, or underneath power lines; or if blocked by a parked vehicle. All bulk and brush waste should be generated on the property by the homeowner. Contractors are responsible for the removal and disposal of all bulk and brush waste and construction debris and are not allowed to place it out for collection. Contractor-generated waste or waste from another site will not be collected. For more information, visit

“Carrollton continues to invest heavily into the beautification of its major corridors to provide for an aesthetically pleasing infrastructure, including street medians and public rights of way,” Wagener said. “Proper landscape design promotes a remarkable and cohesive community, provides for a safer and more pleasant living and working environment, and aids in water and resource conservation.”

To review the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance for commercial landscaping, visit
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