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Carrollton Conducts Pavement Surveys

Post Date:07/01/2021 5:14 PM

IMS-Assessment-Truck-imageThe City of Carrollton Public Works Department has contracted a company to survey the pavement condition in streets and alleyways around town in an effort to ensure residents and visitors continue to receive the highest levels of city services.

The surveys will be performed over the next couple of weeks by Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and will provide valuable data regarding the current condition of Carrollton roads.

IMS is a full-service consulting firm that performs surveys on the condition of pavement and asphalt, right-of-way assets, and pavement rehabilitation plans. The survey involves driving a specially equipped vehicle at speeds of 10 miles per hour or less over the pavement while lasers measure the pavement condition. The data is compiled in a single pass, reviewed, and scored to assist with prioritization of infrastructure repairs and can include condition rating, inventories, and geolocation. 

“A pavement survey is critical to objectively measure the pavement condition for pavement maintenance, repairs, and future capital projects.” Public Works Director Jody Byerly said.

According to the IMS website, the vehicle being used in Carrollton is equipped with a Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS2), one of the most technologically advanced devices available for pavement performance assessments. The two-sensor array completes a 3D millimeter-level scanning of the pavement surfaces that pass below the laser array. With a high-speed 1-millimeter resolution, this means the LCMS2 device deploys a continuous scan of approximately 3,657 laser points across a mere 12 feet of pavement, making it one of the highest resolution pavement laser scanners available. The onboard processing software further amplifies its capabilities by analyzing pavement elevation range, intensity, and automatically identifying cracking, rutting, and roughness in the form of the International Roughness Index (IRI) useful in assessing pavement ride quality, potholes, and bleeding caused by asphalt seeping up to the top layer of the pavement, creating a slick surface for driving.

The LCMS2 RST vehicle will be used to perform a surface condition assessment of all City streets and alleys. Instead of using the subjective feet on ground or windshield sampling method, all data will be collected continuously and recorded in 15-foot intervals in the form of a detailed database complete with GPS coordinates.

Pavement assessments are usually conducted every five years. If residents have any questions about the vehicle or the survey, email the City of Carrollton Public Works at

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