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Carrollton Public Works Department Deemed Competitive

Post Date:09/29/2021 4:28 PM

PW-Mgd-Comp-123comboThree divisions of the City of Carrollton Public Works Department have been declared substantially competitive, a distinction given to City departments that deliver high-quality services at the lowest cost to Carrollton residents.

The six-month process ended with the signing of a service agreement between the Public Works’ Meter Services (MS), Water Distribution (WD), and Water Utilities Finish-Out (FO) divisions and the City Manager’s office. The five-year agreement sets out action items that the divisions must complete during the agreement’s term as well as performance targets that they must regularly hit to remain market competitive.

“The Managed Competition program was implemented in the early 2000s in response to a significant revenue shortfall, and the desire to transform the organization into a high-efficiency, high-performance service business,” Strategic Services Director Krystle Boise said. “It is one of several tools that the City of Carrollton uses to ensure that its core functions are competitive when measured against public and private comparators.”

Benchmarking, according to Boise, is used to contrast budget, staffing, and key efficiency performance metrics within Carrollton Public Works’ three divisions against those for comparable cities, as well as the private sector. The data being compared is chosen on the basis of similarity in location, size, and population to Carrollton.

In addition to the standard benchmarking and operational review typically conducted during Managed Competition, the Strategic Services and Public Works teams, as well as Carrollton’s Workforce Services team, collaborated on several new initiatives and process improvements. These initiatives are included in the Services and Operating Agreement as additional action items Public Works will pursue during the length of the 60-month agreement, and a follow-up review will be conducted at the end of the term.

These items are incorporated to maintain the divisions’ substantially competitive status while demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement, and will include a minor restructuring of the divisions, an expansion of recruitment strategies, and the possible implementation of an innovative Smart Meter Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) on all commercial properties in the City. AMI is designed to conduct power-quality analysis in near-real-time to manage electricity consumption and save money.

“The Managed Competition process is a valuable tool not only in measuring organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and quality, but also as an energizing force in affirming the sterling performance of our staff,” Public Works Director Jody Byerly said. “The benchmarking process sharpens our focus on service and helps our teams identify new ways to be more effective. I am very proud of each and every member of the Public Works team for their commitment to quality and excellence in everything they do.”

Over the last two decades, the City of Carrollton has made a dedicated effort to achieve and maintain a right-size organization. Through the Managed Competition program, the City has streamlined business processes and saved taxpayers millions of dollars.

Carrollton is leading the transformation of traditional government into a competitive service business model, Boise said, delivering high quality services at the lowest cost, doing more for less, thus maximizing value for our citizens’ tax dollars.


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