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 11:05 am  Thunder-Road Thunder Road:
Bruce Springsteen Tribute
 12:00 pm  King-Zero  King Zero
 1:00 pm  Barefoot-Nation Barefoot Nation:
Kenny Chesney Tribute
 2:00 pm  Monica's-Bidi-Bidi-Tribute  Monica's Bidi Bidi Tribute
 3:10 pm  Matchbook-20

Matchbook 20:
Matchbox Twenty Tribute

 4:20 pm  Emerald-City-Band  Emerald City Band
 5:50 pm  Shinyribs  Shinyribs
 7:20 pm  Old-97's  Old 97's
 8:50 pm  Tripping-Daisy-2  Tripping Daisy


*All times are approximate and may be subject to slight changes.

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