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City of Carrollton Logo

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Under the leadership of the City Council Redevelopment Sub-Committee, the City hired Development Counsellors International (DCI) and Pure Brand Communications to help promote the City’s transit-oriented development opportunities. As part of this process, DCI conducted the branding research and design process in Fall 2008.

After much consideration, the Carrollton City Council formally adopted a new branding strategy in Spring 2009. This includes a new City logo and tagline, “Where Connections Happen,” which reflects the many types of connections that happen within our City—from family, to business, to transit.

These elements fall in line with the City’s strategic goal of attracting new businesses and people to Carrollton, in order to create more jobs and to populate future transit-oriented developments.

While the face of Carrollton is changing, it remains a small town in a big city—connected and convenient to the Metroplex, yet a safe, relaxed and inviting community in which to live, work, and play.

Design Explanation

Design Explanation (2009)

The Carrollton logo features three marks coming together. This represents the prevalence of the number three in Carrollton, with three future light rail stations, three potential rail lines, and three historic rail lines upon which the City was founded.

It also reflects the City's forward motion and the Trinity theme, with Trinity Mills Road and the Trinity River. The three logo marks also convey some of the City's strongest assets: connections, convenience, and community.


Carrollton is connected not only by transit options such as rail and highways; it is also connected in that family and friends feel rooted here. The City is connected to its past and history; it is connected to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex through its location and rail ties; and it is connected to a global community, both through its proximity to the airport as well as its diverse community.


Carrollton, as an "inner ring" suburb, is conveniently located 20 minutes from everything, including shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and downtown Dallas. In addition, it is convenient and easy to do business with the City, especially from a developer or resident's perspective.


Carrollton is bound by a sense of community. It is a big City that feels like a small town, a place where neighbors know and care about each other, where family, community, and church still come first and where people continue to look out for each other.

Carrollton's brand conveys the City's vision for its future aspirations, and will help set the stage for a vibrant City that truly will be, as the new tagline states, "Where Connections Happen."

Use of City Logo

 The City of Carrollton logo must not be used by any individual or group unless receiving prior approval from the City.