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The City of Carrollton has implemented a new software program named CityServe. Our goal is to improve customer service, productivity and operational efficiency.

The City will be changing from manual/paper applications to an online portal, providing access to solutions involving citywide departments

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  • Building Inspection

  • Planning and Zoning

  • Environmental Quality

  • Rental Housing

  • Code Enforcement

  • Contractor Registration

Citizens, homeowners, contractors, developers (i.e. architects and/or engineers), as well as property and business owners will have online access to:

  • Obtain a building or environmental permit

  • Schedule an inspection

  • Register mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and general contractors

  • Report a code violation

  • Renew a permit

  • Complete a rental registration form

  • Make payments

  • Track projects

  • View the status of each request





Frequently Asked Questions

Accepted File Formats

Accepted File Submission Formats 

Document Types:

Picture Type:

Video Types:

Common Complaint Categories

Code Enforcement Complaint Submission List

  • BP Unpermitted Construction
  • BP Visibility Clip Obstruction
  • CS Basketball Goal In R-O-W
  • CS Commercial Property Maintenance
  • CS Dead Vegetation Violation
  • CS Early Placement - Bulk Waste
  • CS Early Placement - Containers
  • CS Fence Violation
  • CS Garage Sale Violation
  • CS Graffiti Violation
  • CS Grass and Weed Violation
  • CS Home Business Violation
  • CS Hotel/Motel Rental Complaint
  • CS Housing Violation
  • CS Illegal Dumping
  • CS Inoperable/Junked Vehicle
  • CS Multi-Family Rental Complaint
  • CS Parking Violation
  • CS Sign Violation
  • CS Single-Family Unregistered Rental
  • CS Single-Family Rental Complaint
  • CS Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • CS Trash and Debris Violation
  • CS Tree Limbs and Other Vegetation Violation
  • EQ Environmental Concern Affecting Land
  • EQ Environmental Concern Affecting Water
  • EQ Light/Noise Pollution
  • EQ No Food Permit/Illegal Food Vendor
  • EQ Odor
  • EQ Public Pool Complaint
  • EQ Restaurant Complaint
  • EQ Smoking complaint
  • Other Code Enforcement Complaint


  • BP – Building Permit
  • CD – Community Development
  • CS – Community Services
  • EQ – Environmental Quality


Can citizens submit a complaint online?

Citizens may submit complaints online 24 hours a day.
If it is an emergency, call our office at 972-466-3060 during business hours or call 972-466-3333 outside of business hours.

If it is a medical or life threatening emergency please call 911.

How do I send a complaint to code enforcement?

Complaints may be submitted through the City of Carrollton Portal at  

What violations can I report to code enforcement?

Complaints may be submitted through the City of Carrollton Portal for unpermitted construction and commercial landscape violations to Building Inspections; nuisance concerns, property maintenance violations and rental housing complaints to Code Enforcement; and, restaurant/food complaints, public swimming pool violations, and various pollution concerns to Environmental Quality.

What if I'm not sure what the violation is?

If you are not sure what the violation is or who it needs to be sent to, you can select “Other Code Enforcement Complaint” and provide a detailed description so your concern may be assigned to the appropriate staff for investigation.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, you may submit anonymous complaints through the City of Carrollton Portal.

Why should I register on the portal?

As a registered portal user, you will be able to submit and track the status of complaints you have submitted.

Information required to submit a complaint?

  • A detailed description of the violation
  • A description of the location on the property to help the inspector easily find the violation
  • The address or a description of the property location
  • Your contact information unless you choose to remain anonymous
  • Relevant pictures or documents, if any

Can I send pictures to Code Enforcement?

  • Yes!  Pictures can help inspectors quickly identify the violation.

How can I check the status of my complaint?

  • If you are a registered user on the City of Carrollton Portal, you may select My Items on the Portal Home screen and view any complaints you have submitted in the “My Code Enforcement Complaints” section.

How do I register my rental property?

    • Rental registrations are now accepted through the City of Carrollton Portal.  Go to the Portal Home screen and select “Register Rental Property” in the Rental Housing section.

What types of properties can I register?

    • You may register your single-family rental property, multi-family property, or hotel/motel on the City of Carrollton Portal.

Should I register the condominium that I rent?

    • No, condominium properties are registered and inspected under the Multi-Family Program.  Registration of individual condominium units is not required at this time.

Do I have to register to submit an application?

    • Yes, anyone submitting a rental registration must be a registered user on the City of Carrollton Portal.  When you select “Register Rental Property”, you will be prompted to sign-in or create an account.

Information needed to register my rental?

    • You will need the following information when registering a rental property:

      • Type of property to be registered (ie. single-family, multi-family, or hotel/motel)

      • Building Name (multi-family and hotel/motel properties only)

      • Building Type (ie. single-family dwelling, duplex, apartment, etc.)

      • Number of units (multi-family and hotel/motel properties only)

      • Number of bedrooms and occupants(single-family dwelling only)

      • Owner contact information

      • Property manager contact information (if applicable)

      • Tenant contact information

      • Property address

What information is required?

    • Any field with a red * is required to submit a rental registration.

Property owner or manager info required?

    • You will be requested to fill out contact information for the property owner and property manager on the Rental Information page (Step 1).  If you want the property manager or any other person/entity to receive notifications regarding the property being registered, you will need to provide their information on the Additional Contacts page (Step 4).

May I make online payments?

    • Yes!  The City of Carrollton Portal accepts online credit card payments.  Please note, there is a 2% convenience fee for all online or credit card payments.

Who do I need to list on the Additional Contacts?

    • Please provide information for the property manager or any other person/entity who you want to receive notifications regarding the property being registered.

What if the address is not listed?

What if I don't want to pay the convenience fee?

    • The convenience fee is required for all online or credit card payments.  Please contact us at 972-466-5727 or by email at to discuss alternate payment options.

Is my property already registered?

    • To see if a rental property is already registered, please select “Property Search” from the Portal Home screen.  Search the address and view any registrations for the property in the “Rental Housing Permits” section.

How can I view the status of my registration?

    • Sign-in to your account on the City of Carrollton Portal.  Select “My Items” on the Portal Home screen and view your registration in the “My Rental Housing Applications” section.

Can I register multiple properties online?

    • At this time, each rental property must be registered and payment submitted individually.

What type of payments are accepted online?

    • Major credit cards are accepted, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Questions? Call us at 972-466-3000.