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Rumor Has It

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Rumors can spread like wildfire, and sometimes rumors are incorrect or missing important details. The City uses this page to debunk rumors and falsehoods, correct misinformation, and to provide our citizens with accurate and reliable information.


RUMOR: There is nowhere good to eat in Carrollton.



FALSE: Carrollton is bustling community that is home to HUNDREDS of restaurants that feature a wide variety of food types. One popular area is affectionately known as  ‘Little Korea.’ “This corner of Carrollton boasts so many fascinating restaurants that a food critic could camp out here for a month,” says one reviewer for the Dallas Observer. The City prides itself on having eateries that are unique to the area, making residents and visitors want to return.


For a list of restaurants check out our Restaurant Guide/Map or Restaurant Scores.





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RUMOR: The D9 Gas Pipeline Project is run by the City of Carrollton.

: The D9 Gas Pipeline Project is run by ATMOS energy. ATMOS began the project in January 2018 with tree removal within the easement area. Construction of the new line is planned for April through November 2018.

The purpose of this project is to improve the capacity of the gas main and ensure reliability and safety of the system.


For more information about the ATMOS pipeline project, including contact information, click here.


 RUMOR: Carrollton Animal Services saves THOUSANDS of dogs and cats each year.

happy-dogTRUE: Carrollton Animal Services is dedicated to saving each of the animals they shelter, housing approximately 2,000 each year.

Overall, more than 97% of the adoptable animals in Carrollton's care are adopted or go to rescue groups for fostering.

Animal Services partners with more than 100 local and national rescue groups to find forever homes for these animals. Each week, a list of animals in need of placement is emailed to each of these groups.

The groups, in return, work to network these animals in an effort to ensure that each of the adoptable animals in the Carrollton Animal Services' shelter will be placed into loving homes.

For more information about Carrollton Animal Services, click here.


RUMOR: The City Manager and City Attorney are voting members of the City Council.

FALSE: The City Manager and City Attorney are members of the Administrative Branch, thus they are not voting members on the Council. The City Manager administers the daily operations of the City, ensuring that the direction set by City Council is carried out. The City Attorney creates an environment in which representatives and staff can operate without legal issues or obligation. 


  • For more information about the City Manager's office, click here.
  • For more information about the City Attorney's office, click here.

RUMOR: You have to pay for a Carrollton Public Library Card.

 Library Card
MOSTLY FALSE:  Signing up for a Carrollton Public Library Card is free!  However, there is a fee of $1.00 to replace a lost card. 

For more information about how to get a Library card, click here.




RUMOR: You must be an adult to attend CPR/AED and First Aid classes.

cprFALSE: Ages 10 and up can become CPR, AED and First Aid trained.
Your Carrollton Fire Rescue Department wants to see every member of the community become CPR/AED trained. For class details and to register, visit and select the Education section.


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