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TOD Capital Projects

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Catalyst Infrastructure Project Elements

The TOD Catalyst Infrastructure Project is a major part of Carrollton's commitment to the catalyst mixed-use project. The three key elements of the project are: (1) reconstruction of South Main Street/Pioneer Park to create an enhanced entry into Downtown Carrollton; (2) construction of an interim parking lot at Vandergriff Drive and Broadway Street; (3) extension of Vandergriff Drive eastward from Broadway Street and the Union Pacific Railroad/DART Green Line right-of-way to connect to the southern terminus of Myers Street; (4) construction of a hike-and-bike trail parallel to the DART Green Line connecting Crosby Road and South Main Street; and (5) a regional drainage retention pond for the Downtown Carrollton area (including the proposed mixed-use catalyst development).


Main Street/Pioneer Park Reconstruction

The reconstruction of South Main Street (between Belt Line Road and DART’s Green Line right of way) has created an enhanced entry into the Downtown Carrollton Square area, while providing access to the area’s first catalyst TOD project. It was the first project of its kind to incorporate the new City standards for transit center roadway design.

To help create a pedestrian-friendly downtown and an entrance to the catalyst development, South Main Street’s sidewalks feature wide decorative paving, October Glory Maple street trees, shrubs and native grasses, ornamental street lights, benches and trash receptacles. Each of the street trees have electrical service for holiday lighting. Pioneer Park now features a densely planted bosque of Pond Cypress trees and a curvilinear seat wall beneath an existing specimen Live Oak. The Pond Cypress was selected as a unifying element to visually tie the DART platform, plaza and parking areas to the High Street Development area.  

Main Street/Pioneer Park


 Main Street/Pioneer Park reconstruction 
from Belt Line to DART Rail


 Pioneer Park at Main Street

 Pioneer Park Illustration


Interim "Green" Parking Lot

The interim surface parking lot is located at the intersection of Vandergriff Drive and Broadway Street. The lot adds 83 parking spaces, and has the same streetscape design elements as South Main Street. This new sustainable parking lot has been constructeded with recyclable pavers and grass stone providing an open green space which may be used for special events.

Interim "Green" Parking Lot with Grasscreet Paving 
 Temporary Park Illustration


Vandergriff Drive

In 2007, the City completed its Transit Center Transportation and Parking Plan. The Plan identified the need for a “bypass” to relieve expected vehicular congestion on Broadway and Main Streets. This bypass road is commonly referred to as the “TOD Connector.” The “TOD Connector” roadway will enable those retail-oriented streets to remain pedestrian-oriented and not be widened. This road also defines the eastern limit of the transit center district with a pedestrian friendly street that buffers the existing, stable single-family neighborhoods east of Downtown Carrollton from the higher density transit center district. The TOD Connector has several segments: Vandergriff Drive, Myers Street, Rosemon Avenue and Northside Drive. Sub-segments of Vandergriff Drive, Rosemon Avenue and Northside Drive do not currently exist and will need to be constructed. The Vandergriff Drive segment is critical as it provides a southern block-face to the TOD Catalyst Project and a relief route to Belt Line Road when the Belt Line Road Grade Separation begins in a few years. In addition, it will join the southern half of the Francis-Perry neighborhood to Downtown Carrollton. This missing linkage has long isolated the neighborhood and access to Perry Park from Downtown Carrollton.


Looking West along Vandergriff Drive


Looking West along Vandergriff Drive


Vandergriff Drive

Vandergriff Drive


Hike-and-Bike Trail

The Hike-and-Bike Trail from Crosby Road to South Main Street has long been identified as an integral part of Carrollton’s hike-and-bike trail network. This trail will connect with the DART-constructed trail from Belt Line Road (and the DART Downtown Carrollton Station) to South Main Street. Both segments are portions of a longer trail planned to parallel DART’s Green Line in Carrollton. The Green Line is elevated through most of Carrollton and a trail under the LRT guide way will provide a safe pedestrian linkage to the stations.

This hike-and-bike trail also connects the newly renovated Crosby Recreation directly to Downtown Carrollton and the Downtown Carrollton Station at Belt Line Road.


Regional Retention Pond

The City identified the need for detention in the 2007 Transit Center Master Drainage Study. At that time, the City Council mandated that all detention in the transit centers be made into an amenity for residents. In addition, the Downtown Carrollton Regional Retention Pond is a key element to incentivize development in Downtown Carrollton. Existing zoning would require very expensive underground storm water storage. Developers are more apt to consider Downtown Carrollton as a place to develop if the City takes on the responsibility of providing a regional retention pond.

The Downtown Carrollton Regional Retention Pond will provide an additional open space/park to residents and visitors. The above-mentioned hike-and-bike trail will provide access to the amenity retention pond. Other elements will include a circular path around the pond, seating areas and a fountain to provide aeration maintaining water quality.