Report Wildlife Activity

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Reporting Wildlife Activity

First and foremost it is critical for our community to appreciate that there is a wide variety of predator species in Carrollton. These species include bobcats, coyotes and birds of prey. Although we can help to manage this population to aide in reducing their threat to public safety, there is nothing that we can do eradicate these species and thereby eliminating any threat they pose to our community. The most effective means of reducing this threat is to be cautious when in an area with known activity and ensure that you are taking appropriate action to haze these species so that they remain fearful of humans.

It is important for our community to participate in reporting wildlife activity, as it help our team in Animal Services to provide an appropriate response to each reported case. As these reports are received, they are logged and mapped to help us with determining whether the reported wildlife is traveling through or has established territory near the reported sighting. Our approach in Carrollton is take the least invasive action necessary to support harmonious relationship between our residents and local wildlife. However, when we have enough data to support that a specific case may significantly increase the threat to public health and safety we will consider taking more invasive action.

When reporting wildlife , please fill out each of the provided boxes. To assist with tracking, please use a specific address as this information will automatically generate an icon on our tracking map. The more information we have, the better we can track the activity of the reported wildlife. You may report any species using this form, but the focus of this page is to track coyote and bobcat activity in Carrollton.

To view our map of current wildlife activity please click here.

Encountering Bobcats or Coyotes

When you encounter a bobcat or coyote it is important to remain calm. In most cases they will respond immediately to their natural fear of humans and seek safety by running away. However, some may be more comfortable around humans and respond with less urgency, but this does not mean that they have abandoned their natural fear. We can help nurture this fear by hazing these species whenever we encounter them. This can be done by using homemade or manufactured deterrents.  

Always keep in mind that although they maintain a fear of humans, they also maintain a strong survival instinct, so it is never safe to chase or corner any wildlife. When hazing wildlife it is critical to always provide a safe distance and path for them to escape.

Homemade Deterrent

Take an empty plastic bottle and fill it with pebbles, pennies or other similar material. When rattled it serves well to spook both bobcats and coyotes. This device can also be thrown in the direction of the bobcat or coyote to help enforce this scare tactic. To reduce activity on your personal property you may soak tennis balls in household ammonia and place these balls along your fence line or under decks and sheds.

Manufactured Deterrents

There are many affordable manufactured deterrents to assist in scaring wildlife that may be encountered on your property, local parks or walking trails. These deterrents include safety whistles, air horns, canine dazer, motion activated water sprinkler and stationary ultrasonic deterrents.