Our Mission 

Animal Services is dedicated to becoming a premier provider of animal care and control services in our community. Our professional staff responds to more than 6,000 service calls and shelters nearly 2,000 animals each year. We are dedicated to managing our domestic and wild animal population in a manner that provides a safe and healthy environment for both animals and people. Recently, the Division was declared substantially competitive by the City's Managed Competition process. Congratulations, Animal Services!

Commitment to Saving Animals

Animal Services partners with more than 100 local and national rescue groups to find forever homes for the animals in our care. Each week, we produce a list of animals that are in need of placement and email a link to this list to each of these groups. They in return work to network these animals in an effort to ensure that each of the adoptable animals in our shelter will be placed. Overall, greater than 97% of the adoptable animals in our care are adopted or go to rescue groups for fostering. Please call us at 972-466-3420 if you are interested in adopting, working one of our supporting rescue groups, or volunteering at our shelter.

Donation and Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year, we pick-up more than 100 animals that are sick or injured and in need of veterinary care. This vet care can be expensive, but through sponsorship and cash donation program, we have been able to fund this need without growing our operational budget. You make a tax deductible cash donation either in person or by mail to support the care and treatment of our sick or injured animals. These donations are also used to buy vaccines and other items to support our animals.

Our opportunities include sponsoring animal holding areas, get to know you space, and leaves on our Tree of Life. Sponsorship prices are outline below:

  • Annual Cat Cage Sponsorship: $60
  • Annual Dog Run Sponsorship: $120
  • Annual Get to Know You Room Sponsorship: $500
  • Tree of Life Leaves: Bronze $15, Silver $25, and Gold $50

Useful Contacts: