Animal Services Staff

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Carrollton Animal Services employs 1 Senior Animal Service Officer, 5 full-time Animal Service Officers, 1 Senior Animal Care Specialist, 2 Animal Care Specialists, 1 Customer Service Coordinator and 1 Division Manager.

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Animal Services Manager / Local Rabies Control Authority

Carl Shooter



Senior Animal Service Officer

 Bobby Flake



Animal Service Officers

David Brown             972-466-3422
Dorcas Johnson 972-466-4877
Debbie Hutchins 972-466-4860
 Ashley Johnson  972-466-3437
 Maxwell Reedy  972-466-3402


Senior Animal Care Specialist

 Vanessa Johnson  972-466-3458

Animal Care Specialists

Angie Shaw

Faith Carstens  972-466-3454


Customer Service Coordinator

Erica Martindelcampo




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