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Support Carrollton's Animal Adoption Center

The new Animal Services and Adoption Center has been open for five years!  We are excited to be able to provide a better and larger facility to our animals, but with this increase in space comes an increase in need.

The new facility allows us to bring in more stray animals, but also calls for more food and cat litter. Also, many of the strays we pick up are injured or sick and in need of veterinary care. Even as costs are increasing, we are still actively working to protect, rescue and serve our animals; we hope that the community will team with us in support of the animals we care for.

Online Donations

For your convenience we now offer you the opportunity to support Animal Services by making online donations. By clicking the button below you may donate one of the fixed amounts of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or you may decide to express your generosity with any amount you choose. 

Tree of LifeTree of Life Donations

 Welcome and thank you for your interest in donating to our Tree of Life program. This special program is designed to recognize our donors' support, no matter what the size! All donations are tax deductible. Please ask our staff for a receipt upon finalization of your gift.

Donate today and receive a spot on our Tree of Life within the Animal Adoption Center!

$15 = Bronze leaf

$25 = Silver leaf

$50 = Gold leaf

Whether engraved with an individual’s name, a family name, a business name, or a loving tribute to a furry friend, supporters’ leaves are then adhered to the tree artwork to be viewed by all who pass through. Leaves stay on the tree for one year with an option to renew the donation.

For larger gifts, donors can see their moniker on name plaques:

$60 = Cat Cage

$120 = Dog Kennel

$500 = Get to Know You Room

It takes up to 30 business days to engrave and create the leaves/name plaques. The Adoption Center will notify you when your adornment has been affixed to its spot!  

Cash Donations

The Animal Adoption Center can now take cash donations; these donations will offset the cost of care, veterinary services and other special needs for the animals in our shelter. When making a cash donation in person, please be sure to ask for a receipt. If our team fails to provide you with a receipt, please contact our City Auditor at (972) 466-3555.

Material Donations

The Animal Adoption Center is limited on what materials are accepted. If you would like to submit material items, please adhere to the following list:

  • Purina Dog Chow dry dog food*
  • Special Kitty dry cat food* 
  • Non-clumping kitty litter
  • Specialty Food – any brand of canned puppy or kitten food
  • Cleaning Supplies
    • bleach, glass cleaning, stainless steel polish, spic and span anti bacterial multi-purpose clean, dish soap, hand soap, and other similar cleaning supplies. 

*dry food items are brand specific as a change in diet can upset stomachs

For more information on Animal Services, call 972-466-3420.