Photo Contest Terms & Conditions

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dog laying on polaroids

All contestants certify as follows: 

  1. All photos submitted must be the original work and/or exclusive property of the contestant.
  2. No photos will be accepted without complete photo contest entry information (Owner’s name, pet’s name, phone number, email address) and payment. Click here to pay online. A RecTrac membership is required.
  3. The City assumes no responsibility for lost photo files or those not received by the contest deadline.
  4. The City may use all photo submissions for the purpose of marketing and promoting Carrollton at no cost; be it through electronic formats such as the website or the City cable channel, or through print publications such as Leisure Connections, or any other marketing materials deemed appropriate.
  5. The contestant hereby indemnifies the City of Carrollton from any and all liability, claims, or damages incurred by or served by the contestant, animals appearing in the photo, and any owners of property shown in submitted photos.
  6. All photos shall be taken in areas where photography is permitted by law.
  7. The City of Carrollton Marketing Services reserves the right to reject and refuse to publish or use any photos.
  8. Digital retouching is allowed, though restricted to simple lighting balance, color correction, and cropping.
  9. Photos must be of high resolution
    1. 300 dpi resolution and
    2. Minimum of 3300 x 2550 pixels
    3. JPG, CMYK
    4. Horizontally oriented photos are optimal
  10. All photos submitted shall become the property of the City upon submission.
  11. Entrants are allowed to submit an unlimited number of photos as long as an entry fee is paid with each submission.
  12. Entrants will not be contacted if their photo does not win.

Copyrights & Permissions: 

The photographer must hold the copyright to all photos he/she submits to the contest. The use of public domain images is prohibited. Photos that violate the copyright laws will not be considered. 

  1. By submitting an image to the City of Carrollton for the Photo Contest, you hereby grant the City of Carrollton permission and rights to use the image for any purpose it sees fit. 
  2. Photographers must have sufficient permission of any recognizable models or other items appearing in the photograph to be able to grant the City of Carrollton the right to display their photograph. Your submission is acceptance of these guidelines, and also indicates that you have obtained such permission as necessary.
  3. Any contest submissions that receive legal challenges from either copyright or insufficient permissions will be removed.