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Property Standards Board Agenda

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 Property Standards Board Meeting
Carrollton Council Chambers
1945 E. Jackson Rd.
October 22, 2020


1. Approval of minutes of the February 27, 2020 and August 27, 2020 meetings.


2. Case PSB 2020-02.  Carrollton Environmental Services Department staff inspected the residential structure at 1749 Hartford Dr, Rosemeade Addn 2 Block 15 Lot 25 and found it to be a safety hazard.  Staff initiated a hearing before the Board to issue a Notice and Order to repair the interior and exterior of the residential structure and clean, sanitize and declutter the interior within a specified period of time.

3. Case BOA 2020-03.  City of Carrollton Staff inspected the Sandy Lake Amusement Park pole sign located at approximately 2055 North Interstate Highway 35 East, Dallas County, on the Texas Department of Transportation right-of-way, and situated on the west side of North Interstate Highway 35 East, approximately 430 feet north of Sandy Lake Road.  Carrollton staff found the pole sign to be damaged and obsolete, and further determined the sign must be removed in order to comply with the Carrollton Sign Regulations.  Staff has requested a public hearing to seek an Order by the Board affirming the Building Official’s decision that the sign is obsolete and must be removed at the property owner’s expense.

4. Case BOA 2020–04. Freedom Forever Solar on behalf of Mary Grice is requesting a Special Exception for the installation of roof mounted solar panels located at Mary Grice’s single family residence 2124 Tiburon Block A Lot 35, Mill Valley Phase 2. The Special Exception request is to allow solar panels on an architectural elevation that faces an arterial thoroughfare as required by City of Carrollton zoning ordinance Article XXVII Section (N) (1) (d) (ii).

5.  Case BOA 2020-05.  Public hearing to consider and take action on a request pursuant to Article XXXII Section (E) (2) (e) and Article XXII Section (D) (2) (b) of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance by Mr. Chris Tola, Tola Construction, on behalf of Belinda Reyna to enlarge a nonconforming single-family structure located at 1202 N. Main Street, Lots 3 & 4 of AW Perry One 1st Addition in excess of 50% of its current value.

a. Staff Reports


Information for the Public:

The meeting is being recorded; if you have testimony, when called, please step up to the podium and give your name and address prior to your remarks. 

Pursuant to Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code, the Planning & Zoning Commission reserves the right to consult in a closed meeting with its attorney and receive legal advice regarding any item listed on this agenda.

Pursuant to State Open Meetings Law, the Board is restricted in discussing or taking action on items not posted on the Agenda.

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