Certificate of Occupancy

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What is a Certificate of Occupancy? (C.O.)

A C.O. is a document approving a location to be ready for business. The C.O. contains information concerning the owner or tenant’s name, business name, address of the building, a description of the portions of the building and the use intended, building code verifications for the group and classification of the building or structure, and approval of the Building Official.

A C.O. is generated upon completion of the final building inspection. The owner or tenant must complete an application requesting a C.O., obtainable through the CityServe portal. There is a $100.00 application fee.

A Plans Examiner will check the information supplied by the applicant, verify the zoning requirements and update the City's records. The applicant will be called to schedule a day for  a Building Inspector to come to the site for an inspection. Upon successful completion of the building final inspection, the Building Official will issue the C.O.

What should be done with a C.O. once it is obtained?

  • The C.O. is required to be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises and should not be removed except by the Building Official
  • The C.O. must also be taken to the post office to start mail delivery