Signs and Banners

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General Information

There are several types of banners and ground signs available for your business. 

  • Grand Opening
    Cloth/plastic banner, displayed for a maximum of 30 days within 90 days of receiving a Certificate of Occupancy 
  • Coming Soon
    Cloth/plastic banner or temporary ground sign (maximum 32 square feet), displayed throughout the active construction period, removed before issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Special Occasion
    Cloth/plastic banner, displayed a maximum of 30 days, four a year allowed
  •  Commercial real estate
    Cloth/plastic banner or temporary ground sign, displayed for up to one year
  • Change of Business
    Cloth/plastic banner, contains the new name of the business only, and placed over the old permanent sign while a new sign is being constructed, displayed for a maximum of 90 days
  • Permanent Substitute
    Cloth/plastic banner is a one-time only alternate to an allowed permanent sign, displayed for a maximum of 90 days
  •  Roadway/Utility Construction
    Banner valid only for the duration of construction, removed upon completion of the roadway or utility project, limited in wording to reference the situation, i.e., "Still open for business", "construction entrance", etc., cannot be used to announce sales, hiring or specials
  •  Balloons, Pennants, String Pennants or Other Cold Air Inflatable Devices
    Allowed only with a Special Event Permit or cold air inflatable device permit, limited to 25 feet in height, two times per year, seven days each time


  • Banners  
    • Limited to a maximum area of 100 square feet
    • Must be securely mounted to the building
    • Limited in height to a maximum of 30 feet
    • Shall not be attached to any vehicle, trailer, skid or similar mobile structure, nor attached to a utility or light pole
    • Decal showing expiration date must be placed on the banner for the entire time sign is permitted
  • Ground Signs 
    • Limited to a maximum area of 32 square feet
    • Limited in height to a maximum of 12 feet
    • setback shall be 25 feet from the back of curb
    • Securely mounted in the ground, not placed on wheels, skids or similar mobile structure

Fees and Applications

Applications are accepted through the CityServe portal along with the permit fee. Please call 972-466-3225 with any questions.

Sign Regulations

Sign Design Guidelines