Operation & Maintenance

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Congratulations on finishing your project. Now what?

There are a few final steps to expect in the next 20-24 months.

Letter of Notification

When your project is complete including the public improvements, you will receive a Letter of Notification.  This letter will document the acceptance of public improvements and notify you of an inspection that will be made twenty (20) months after the completion of the project. This future inspection will be made to assure that all public improvements are performing as expected prior to the expiration of the two-year maintenance bond.

For your convenience, a Letter of Notification Checklist has been provided. 

Two-Year Maintenance Bond

Upon acceptance of the public improvements, a Maintenance Bond is needed to provides assurance that such improvements will continue to meet minimum design standards.

The maintenance bond should be for a period of two years and cover 100% of the cost of maintaining or repairing the public improvements. 

 Maintenance Bond Inspection

 20 months after the completion of construction and the issuance of the Letter of Notification (LON), an inspection will be performed by the Operations & Maintenance functions of the Public Works department.

This inspection will verify that all public infrastructure continues to meet design standards and is being properly maintained. Any deficiencies noted will be required to be corrected by the contractor.

If the contractor is unable or unwilling to correct such deficiencies, the City will then file a claim with the Surety Bond Agency to enforce the maintenance bond and provide a method by which repairs will be made.

Surety Bond Agency

 After the follow-up inspections for the maintenance bond, the contractor should make any necessary corrections. In a case where the contractor does not cooperate, the Building Inspection department reserves the right to contact the Surety Bond Agency to initiate enforcement of the bond.

The Building Inspection department will then work with the Surety Bond Agency to ensure that necessary repairs are made in a satisfactory manner.

Certificate of Acceptance

 At the completion of the two (2) year maintenance bond and after the appropriate follow-up inspections have verified that all infrastructure continues to meet design standards and is being properly maintained, a Certificate of Acceptance will be issued.

At this point, any deficiencies noted during the follow-up inspections will have been corrected to the satisfaction of the City.

The maintenance bond will be allowed to expire, and the city will assume the responsibility for maintenance of the infrastructure.