Assess & Collect Fees

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Permit fees vary depending on the type of permit to be issued and are based on either a flat rate fee or on valuation of construction.


Project Permit Fees

Project permit fees are based on the valuation of construction and are assessed at $5.00 per $1,000 of valuation. These fees include inspection and plan review services on that project. Some of the most common fees in addition to the main building permit are as follows:

  • Impact Fees
    These fees represent the proportional share of the cost of the City’s water and sewer system necessary to serve the new development and are based on the size of the water meters.

  • R.O.W. Inspection Fees
    A fee of 4% of the value of construction in the City’s Right-of-Way and/or easements is charged for inspection of this public infrastructure.

  • Escrow Fees
    Charged for development of lots adjacent to arterial thoroughfares for street lighting or for the construction of sidewalks or other work in R.O.W. that may be delayed until completion is more practical.

  • Water Meters/Sewer Taps
    These fees are charged based on the size of connection and meter.

Separate Permit Fees

Some items related to project construction will require separate permits. Examples include:

    • fences
    • signs
    • construction trailers
    • fire sprinklers
    • lawn sprinklers, etc.

For a comprehensive list of all fees charged by the Building Inspection Department, please see the Development Fee Schedule.