Required Project Submittals

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Submittal Requirements

An application form completed in its entirety must be submitted including the TDLR-EAB number. Two complete sets of civil engineering and architectural plans, no larger than 24"x36", are required for submittal along with a cd in PDF format of the submittal. The following is a list of commonly required items:

New Buildings

  • Site plan - indicating all setbacks, parking spaces, parking calculations, driveways, fire lanes, vehicle stacking spaces, sidewalks, landscaping, etc.
  • Energy code calculations (using COMCheck program)
  • Foundation plans and details
  • Final plat (show finished floor elevations where lots are adjacent to flood plains; show all proposed easements)
  • Grading plans (include benchmark)
  • Erosion control plans
  • Paving plans (include paving details and soils information)
  • Water & sanitary sewer plans (including profiles for all sanitary sewer mains and water lines 12” in size or larger)
  • Structural plans such as columns, beams, roof framing, other framing, etc.
  • Drainage plans (include storm sewer design). All designs must include detention requirements, drainage divides, drainage calculations: (A) Area, (B) Time of concentration, (C) Intensity, (D) Run-off coefficients
  • Screening wall plans and details, if required
  • Exterior and interior elevation plans
  • Wall and building sections
  • Traffic control plans for construction within city right-of-way based on TMUTCD standards
  • “As-Built” 24” x 36” bluelines will be required at final acceptance by the Building Inspection Department

After all tracking topics have been approved, the following shall be submitted for final processing: (2) 24"x36" full sets (architectural and civil plans), (1) 11"x17" civil set and (3) CD's (plans in PDF).

Interior Finish-Outs or Remodels

  • Site plan indicating specific location of the proposed lease within the building, parking spaces and parking calculations of entire site
  • Floor plans
  • Credible evidence that an asbestos survey has been conducted for modifications to existing buildings
  • Exterior and interior elevation plans
  • Wall and building sections and miscellaneous details such as corridor sections and details and other sections such as stairways, accessibility, guardrails, toilet plans, etc.
  • Door and window schedules and details
  • MEP plans, including plumbing risers in all commercial food handling establishments and all commercial occupancies where chemicals are discharged into the city sewer system, including details for the chase used for grease hood vents; location of fire dampers
  • Other sections such as stairways, accessibility, guardrails, toilet plans, etc.

Single Family Dwellings

  • Plot plan (2 copies)
  • One complete set of house plans
  • Foundation plan and details (designed by an engineer registered in the State of Texas)
  • Energy Code information
  • See additional items on the last page of the Residential Dwelling application form

Note If a minimum finished floor elevation has been designated on the plat, a letter from a registered surveyor must be submitted prior to the foundation inspection indicating that a survey has been performed and the minimum finished floor is in compliance.

Residential Additions

  • Plot plan (2 copies)
  • Scaled floor and elevation drawings
  • Complete framing information
  • Foundation plan and details
  • Door and window schedule
  • Floor plan of the connecting area of existing home with rooms labeled and all windows and doors shown and sized
  • Energy Code information

Pools and Spas

  • Two plot plans showing the specific location of the pool or spa, depth of pool, and must include the approval stamp of the servicing electrical utility company
  • House pool protection device plan, signed by homeowner and notarized on same date


  • Sign dimensions
  • Sign specifications
  • Two copies of the plot plan showing the specific location of a free-standing sign

Fences and Retaining Walls

Applicant should submit two plot plans of the property indicating location of the proposed fence, retaining wall, engineered designed for retaining walls above four feet in height.